You could have almost written the script for the anti-fracking …

Comment on Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised by Melissa.

You could have almost written the script for the anti-fracking side when it came to this enquiry. When the evidence and science is backing this method of gas extraction start screaming “conflict of interest” or “bias” or “multinational conspiracy” because of some obscure link.
I remember going to the enviro fair held at the Botanic Gardens a couple of years ago and went to the anti-fracking grannies stall to get a cup of tea … guess what they were boiling the water with. Too funny!
I’m starting to believe that the anti-fracking groups are just another anti everything brigade.

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Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
Alice is in big trouble and we have a Government determined to break it completely.
Technical compliance bull$#it is all this government is about. They will continue to destroy small local businesses and industry the way they’re going.
Good Luck to you Liz, you have helped create something from nothing, you are a true champion of enterprise.
Pity this bureaucratic government doesn’t see that people like you are essential to strong communities.

Keith Lawrie Flats – people have had enough!
These photos were from 2006. I have to say that Territory Housing has certainly improved with the maintenance of the grounds at most of their unit complexes.
Some actually improve the overall street aesthetics. I wish the same could be said for a number of the private gardens around this town.
There is no doubt that some of these complexes should go, as should those residences that continue to ruin what otherwise is a great service to the less fortunate. If you abuse it, you should lose it.

Greens candidate calls for intelligence, listening
Oh please help us! It seems the Alice News Online has become a mouth piece for ideologues that do nothing for this community.
If Alice Springs loses Adam Giles (and the Country Liberals) at this year’s election then we will be doomed to a repeat of those sad Labor years where we witnessed Alice Springs slide into chaos and despair.
There is no other choice in Braitling except Adam Giles.
The runs are on the board for what he has achieved for Alice in particular. The likes of Phil and Dalton are unimaginable and people would be simply wasting their vote.

Fracking panel for cattlemen: debate or monologues?
@ Michele: Almost laughable response and I guess I couldn’t expect much better: “As a former meat inspector I can assure you I shop assiduously to avoid eating meat derived from gas fields.”
So where is this contaminated meat, are we exposed to it here? If so catastrophic why haven’t we been warned by Health Authorities? Are you blaming them also, if so whom in particular?
A lack of common sense wreaks more of a scare campaign, good for you as you know you may/can wedge cattlemen into a fear induced reaction. It’s a common technique, something your fellow activists use every day.

Fracking panel for cattlemen: debate or monologues?
I read all the comments below after reading Erwin’s somewhat skewed article and come to the conclusion that most of the anti fracking movement is based on what–ifs and anecdotes they have gathered from well organised environmental / neo-marxist activist groups.
So where is the science against this fracking? Out of the 1000 hydraulically fractured wells the company said had been produced over this basin, where are the overwhelming negative results?
Where are the hundreds or thousands of cattle that should be full of fracking chemicals? Where are the people that should be full of fracking chemicals?
Surely if the fears of these activists are so well founded they would be out organising testing themselves and not sitting back blaming the companies for not providing enough information. Surely these issues would harness the influence to gather a war chest for independent scientific research!
I wouldn’t suggest that for one moment there is no danger to fracking but the debate is now at a point that evidence does not matter, only emotion!
The anti fracking movement has placed their faith in another end of world theorem. Just like that loony Tim Flannery and the climate change debate with his predictions that we would now be experiencing never seen before droughts, catastrophic sea level rises, collapsing river systems and the end of the Great Barrier Reef.
The hypocrisy reached new levels when I saw firsthand at a local environmental fair an anti fracking knitting nannies stand who were using signs saying, “no to gas” while at the same time using a gas (yes gas) stove top to make tea. Tim Flannery in 1996 warned that global warming would drown beachfront houses eight storeys high. The very next year he bought a house just a couple of metres from the edge of the tidal waters around the Hawkesbury estuary.
I just hope the cattle industry uses a little more sense in their judgments when weighing up the pros and cons of gas fields on their properties and I also hope our Indigenous land owners also make sound judgments.

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