It would appear that the business accumin of Cr. Melky …

Comment on New brawl looms over civic centre loan by Kenneth.

It would appear that the business accumin of Cr. Melky is spot on. I have always paid business borrowings rapidly. It there is an emergency need of cash then arrange more credit with the bank immediately. Always pay off debts to minimize interest costs.
I will now have to vote for Cr. Melky at the next election … BUT … whom will I cross off my voting list as a result?

Recent Comments by Kenneth

The Dark State
The NT Government must now be considered a foreign government some 1500km away.
We only have four representatives in Alice Springs. Thank goodness Robyn Lambley stands out as honest. Three of these are already corrupted by GUNNA-orism and DARWIN-orism and do not voice their own electorate.
Alice Springs and in particular the TRADITIONAL OWNERS of the land will not vote them in at the next election if they continue to exhibit Darwin-orism.
If built will the Arrernte people support the gallery with their work or black-list the gallery with their paintings or culture?

Aboriginal gallery is bound to have a stone wall
Dale and Labor will be gone next election if they so persist against the Aboriginal voters and the whole town.
The “Family Ministry” has NOT cleaned up the streets at night nor had an effect on schooling numbers, still they WANT to demolish the one school that could be for the Aboriginal children. Dale ignores the Aboriginal people and families as a non-productive minister.
She is obviously TOO WHITE in her approach.

If you can climb Mt Everest and in Yosemite, why not Uluru?
The Aboriginal “pay” or “gate money” will cease or become neglitable.
I once said this to one elder who is on the committee and receives his periodic income and he said: “Better let them climb!”
It really is a white-fella decision to close the climb.
The resort will go broke too, which is owned with Aboriginal money.
This elder was adamant to keep it open as he and his family earn money that way.

Anzac Oval compulsory acquisition would be a first
Trust me.
“I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.”
My name is Dale.

Anzac Oval: hand it over, says NT Government
Dale is on suicide-mode for the next election. That is in this regard and her failure as a minister.

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