Eli, the government isn’t to blame. It is the failure …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by Richard.

Eli, the government isn’t to blame. It is the failure of successive indigenous organisations like ATSIC, CLC to deal with the issues that they themselves have a major role in creating. They have the power and the connections to deal with these issues culturally. Anyone who says this is not issue created from generations of irresponsible handouts with no oversight is simply burying their head in the sand and are themselves a major part of the problem.

Clearly Josie [Douglas] on QnA recently is not effected by this problem and showed no idea of what was happening with royalty monies. She cries for self determination but refuses to take responsibility for the problems.

The elders need to get up and take control of these kids or risk having them removed and put into a safe environment ie foster care. If the adults/parents want change in their society, they have to start taking action. The town is sick n tired of cleaning up after another night of rampaging juveniles.

[William] Tilmouth and Jacinta [Price] both accepted that these kids need to be held accountable and taught respect. Social housing would be nice, but because these people destroy anything given to them, the government simply can’t afford to build more.

The government wont teach them respect. The council and police wont teach them respect. That is a cultural issue. Get off your arses and do what you are paid to do and drag your people into this century. Make them accountable and make the consequences of their decisions real.

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