No, we don’t need Darwin police. All they did was …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by Karen.

No, we don’t need Darwin police. All they did was pick on the law abiding citizens, revenue raising, didn’t solve much, us hard taxpaying workers were glad to see them go back to Darwin.
Bring in the army.
CLC and all the other Aboriginal agencies should be dealing with all the youths who come in from communities and the ones that live here on the funding they already receive.
I feel for our tourists. Enough is enough, oh and bring back police at liquor outlets. It’s out of control.

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Birth registrations Bill: How many genders are there?
I thoroughly agree, leave birth certificates alone but if a person wants some things changed they apply for another certificate. It makes sense.

Preaching ‘treading carefully’ then sending in the bulldozers
I live rural and walk mornings. Perhaps on one of these windy mornings Ms Lawler would come with me and see the difference between no vegetation and vegetation.
I would gladly take a photo of her hidden in a wall of dust blowing through.
Feel sorry for Kilgariff residents.

$300m NT airports expansions
It will be interesting to see if all works are from 100% NT businesses and not out of NT businesses that just get an office and say they are local. We know Alice Springs News Online will keep an eye on this.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
All top comments. [Questions are being asked about kickbacks for] making this dumb ass decision.
Desert Park is the most intelligent decision.

Gallery poll: less than 40% wanted Anzac Oval
I must have missed the poll. Anzac Oval is a dumb idea.

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