Hahahahahahah really. All of those that voted for this shower …

Comment on NT Government creates Aboriginal Justice Unit by Laurence.

Hahahahahahah really.

All of those that voted for this shower congratulations this is the reward for your vote.

Face-palm much.

Recent Comments by Laurence

Desert Knowledge precinct preferred for youth detention facility
Oh My Gosh. The heart I wear on my sleeve is swelling with pride, my rose-coloured glasses are seeing rainbows all over our town.
Rejoice people for the end of the malaise that effects us all is here, I feel so warm and fuzzy all over. I can’t wait for the programs to kick off and produce some wonderful future leaders.
I wonder if Ms Wakefield is enjoying drinking from the poisoned chalice that is youth justice and I can’t wait to see the outcome of this “feel good, throw cash but achieve nothing” exercise.
But I know some NGOs will produce some excellent statistics that will prove how effective “the program” is/was, by showing that the juvenile offenders stopped being juvenile offenders.
It will probably have nothing to do with them turning 18.

Fracking inquiry left me thankful, fearful, focused
@ Rosalie Schultz: Amazing that somebody would want the electrical power disaster that is SA/Vic here in the NT, where both states can’t produce /generate enough power for their own usage but hey, at least they have a battery to back them up. Or at least some of them. No, maybe a few in certain areas.
Yes, I can hardly wait to sell off my first born (sorry son) to pay for some electrickery. While all the simple folk of Alice Springs huddle around the warming glow of a flickering lamp.
Yep, can’t wait to be like SA/Vic and we are lucky enough to have a concerted push locally by our green tinged eco-warriors to bring us to the promised land and economic chaos as soon as possible.

Congress call: Put full-time police back at bottle-shops
Does it really matter what the cost is when it can be offset by the reduced numbers appearing in the hospital, court cells and prison for alcohol related crime?
It’s sad that you don’t consider the prevention of alcohol related crime to be real policing. I mean how could it compare to the glitz and glamour of attending yet another domestic violence incident, or the thrill of yet another stabbing?
The knee-jerk reaction is politicians taking away the police at outlets because their party didn’t introduce it.
But then they are compounding the error by replacing them with what was tried before and failed then, and is failing again: The Banned Drinkers Register.

‘Profiteering’ industry must act on grog harm: Police Association
Rubbish. The police are not being blamed for harm within the Alice Springs Community. Nice way to get people offside with your concerns.
Yes, every policeman I have spoken to dislikes (putting it mildly) bottle shop duties and also everyone of them acknowledge that by being there they have reduced alcohol related violence.
Yet again you give us the line “The Riley review recognises the strain on police resources, and recommends the Liquor Act be amended and police be removed from this arduous task in favour of liquor inspectors”. Strangely enough we don’t agree.
Removing officers from outlets would be a massive backward step, as you know full well that the problem drinkers have some respect for the police but NONE for a liquor inspector.

Congress call: Put full-time police back at bottle-shops
@ Russel Guy: I would think those numbers would be substancially higher here in the Alice.It’s definitely time for a radical rethink. Prohibition or more restrictions can’t be the answer. Every measure that has been tried has failed miserably.

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