Michael, we will never know if we do not try. …

Comment on Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies? by Evelyne Roullet.

Michael, we will never know if we do not try.

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Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
I believe the children on the street display the first symptom of sleep deprivation – aggressive, antisocial, withdrawn, hyperactive, unable to control or regulate behaviour.

Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
Steve, I am with you, willing to help but we need clarification:
Are we talking week-end? Holidays periods? Or any day?
Sleep research suggests that a teenager needs between nine and 10 hours of sleep every night. This is more than the amount a child or an adult needs. Yet most adolescents only get about seven or eight hours. Some get less.
Regularly not getting enough sleep leads to chronic sleep deprivation.
This can have dramatic effects on a teenager’s life, including reduced academic performance at school.
One recent US study found that lack of sleep was a common factor in teenagers who receive poor to average school marks. This is why I said “sleep in a good bed, but no activities”.

Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
Spot on Mark and I am 100% against rewards for bad behaviour and ignoring the good. More activities and more parents would think: “Let them on the streets, they will have fun and we will have peace.”
It is time for a curfew, this will demonstrate that we care for those kids.
After time kids still loose should be collected and put in a safe place, but not to play, to sleep.

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Council shoots Anzac precinct gallery down in flames
Thank you to a council which can stand up to bullies.

Anzac Oval: hand it over, says NT Government
Anzac oval does not belong to the council, but to the ratepayers.
The council is only the representative of the residents, and have to bow to the wishes of the community.
The threat of compulsory acquisition of the land is a sign of weakness: “I will win at all costs rather that admit I was wrong.”
If the ratepayers are the landholders of the oval, we have the right to object on the grounds that we feel the proposal is better located elsewhere and that proper process has not been followed.
What a waste of time, energy, money. I believe this government, which tries to be in charge, could not run a business. It will be quite bankrupt.

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
@ Russel Guy: The extra money does not go to help alcoholics, but put more in the coffers of bottle shops. [ED – The bottle shops, according to a spokesman for the Attorney General. Cheers, Erwin Chlanda, Editor.]
It was the same for down sizing the casks form four litres to two litres, because 2l + 2l may be = 4l but they are more expensive.
@ Local1: Ourcellar had no membership, I talked with them and was told to do my order by phone and I will receive my wine. I did it and am waiting. Paul (the agent) told me he was not aware of “mail-order suppliers are now required by the NT Government to obtain a permit and to adhere to the new floor price”.
OurCellar delivers to all parts of Australia except the following restricted dry zone postcodes: 4605, 4713, 4816, 4825, 4830, 4871, 4874, 4876, 4895.
I suppose my delivery will come from Darwin. Wait and see.

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
Dominico, I agree with your teacher: “Criticism is easy, and art is difficult.”
It is a philosophy I had adopted and used in my family and work life: Do not come to me with a complaint unless you come with a remedy.
The government has ideas based on collective responsibility, by which individuals who are part of such collectives to be responsible for other people’s actions which leads to collective punishment.
For me the notion of collective culpability seems to deny individual moral responsibility and free choices.
If adults want to kill themselves with alcohol and other drugs I will respect their wish. Why spending energy and money to save people who do not want to be saved?
Money, time and energy should be spend protecting innocents and not punish them.
My solution: Instead of dry areas and rehabilitation centers built a camp for addicts, where home deliveries will satisfy their needs until they run out of money, drop dead or want to change their ways.
Security should keep them in, and prevent visitors. I can hear the uproar, but no, I am not a Nazi, but like Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote, I will say to them: “I disapprove of your lifestyle, but I will defend to the death your right to live it.”

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
No more cheap wine for cooking, therefore bye bye to a lot of good recipes!
Why the early harvest wine is not exempt from the mandated price of $1.30 per standard drink as it has less alcohol?
Can we still buy Christmas gourmet wine hamper online? Would online shops will have to advertise two prices: one for Australia, one for NT? This will not be good advertising for NT.
Oversea Amazon online has abandoned us because of the Australian demands: I cannot any longer buy French books, DVD music as there is no supplier in Australia.
Australia the land of the free? This is a joke.

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