Michael, we will never know if we do not try. …

Comment on Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies? by Evelyne Roullet.

Michael, we will never know if we do not try.

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Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
I believe the children on the street display the first symptom of sleep deprivation – aggressive, antisocial, withdrawn, hyperactive, unable to control or regulate behaviour.

Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
Steve, I am with you, willing to help but we need clarification:
Are we talking week-end? Holidays periods? Or any day?
Sleep research suggests that a teenager needs between nine and 10 hours of sleep every night. This is more than the amount a child or an adult needs. Yet most adolescents only get about seven or eight hours. Some get less.
Regularly not getting enough sleep leads to chronic sleep deprivation.
This can have dramatic effects on a teenager’s life, including reduced academic performance at school.
One recent US study found that lack of sleep was a common factor in teenagers who receive poor to average school marks. This is why I said “sleep in a good bed, but no activities”.

Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?
Spot on Mark and I am 100% against rewards for bad behaviour and ignoring the good. More activities and more parents would think: “Let them on the streets, they will have fun and we will have peace.”
It is time for a curfew, this will demonstrate that we care for those kids.
After time kids still loose should be collected and put in a safe place, but not to play, to sleep.

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Youth crime operation not enough, curfew needed: Lambley
Cradle! Why such name? The kids on the street, for the majority, are not babies. Many have been initiated which means they are adult members of the community.
The ages of the person being initiated varies between language groups, but usually occur between the ages of 10 and 16 years.

Not us and them. Just us, says Cr Melky.
Phil, this forum was opened to all those who are “fed up” with crimes and would like to help to restore dignity to Alice. Nothing to do with skin as we all bleed red.

One house break-in, four cars stolen
I agree Chris – a bail? How much was the bail? Or is it free, no ties attached?
At 22 you are not a kid, you know very well what you are doing ad penalties should apply even if it is the first offense.
May be it is time to review the NT Legislation / Bail Act.
We need a system by which offenses are linked to a punishment, like the demerit points for driving offenses.
Court should be only if there is doubt of the guilt.

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Colin: And the sign was used to design the cover of the booklet the Art Center was producing in all major languages. I still have one copy in French.

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Questions: Why the “Comprehensive Business Case” has only been done at the end of all studies and public discussions?
Is it not the first thing you do when you want to start a new business?
Maybe none of this would have happened if Mr Gunner’s team had use the Australian Business government site – motto “Information to help your business succeed. Tools, tips and information to plan, start and grow your business”.

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