How to vote cards should be banned it is treating …

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How to vote cards should be banned it is treating people like infants who cannot think for themselves. It is like follow the leader or Simon says games.

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Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
Steve, I understand perfectly the function of a Council and the elected members. What I am against is the coalition due to political allegiance. I talk to elected members on issues dear to me. I also take notice to those who answer my call by emails, phone or media : I sent two phone messages to one who never returned my call; I asked a question here to an aspirant Councillor who ignored me; Eli always do. I had and meeting with our Mayor and I talk to you on the phone.
I choose to whom I address according to the facts of the day, I do not need to agree all time. I am sorry that your personal life takes you away from us and I wish you all the best for you and your family.

Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
Every government needs a Devil’s Advocate

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Anzac Oval compulsory acquisition would be a first
Government sometimes need to acquire privately held land to provide services and community facilities such as parks, schools, hospitals and roads. But it must have a valid reason to do so.
The Acquisition of Land Act 1967 (the Act) enables “constructing authorities” to acquire land for public purposes. Constructing authorities (also called acquiring or resuming authorities) include government agencies, local governments and some state-owned corporations.
The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is the constructing authority for most government departments and acquires land for purposes such as schools and hospitals.
The Department of Transport and Main Roads can acquire land for transport infrastructure purposes to provide a better and safer transport network.
What are the real reasons for this acquisition as there are other and better sites for the project?
Economics? Nothing has really been proven. It is only a fairy tale projection. Would the community benefits from this?
Declaration that land is suitable for acquisition:-
(1) The Minister may declare in writing that the Minister is considering the acquisition by an acquiring authority of an interest in land (other than a mortgage interest) for a public purpose.
(2) The declaration shall identify the acquiring authority, the land, the interest in the land and the public purpose.
(3) Except where the interest is a restriction on the use of land, the Minister shall include in the declaration:
(a) a statement that the land appears to the Minister to be suitable for use, or for development for use, for a public purpose; and
(b) a statement setting out:
(i) particulars of the use to which the land will be put or for which it will be developed; and
(ii) the reasons why the land appears to be suitable for that use or for development for that use.

Street life celebrated in street art
Yes Chiara, I was teasing you. Bilby is nocturnal, but a nice wallaby with a joey in her pouch and one by her side would please the children even more.

NT Govt persists with push for Anzac Oval ownership
@ Ms Moss: “The only thing we are clear on is that Alice Springs residents support the National Aboriginal Art Gallery being built in Alice”, but we will prefer a cultural center, in collaboration with the Aborigines, because art is part of culture. This Center seems to have been forgotten.
You have made it clear that Anzac Precinct is your preferred site, and we have made it clear that we do like this site. You always said “preferred” which implies there are other choices.
You wish to continue to engage with council about how to transition the site to one owner, being the Northern Territory Government.
What cannot you understand, that the Anzac Oval is not the property of the council, but of the taxpayers and they do not want to give the oval to a bully government who cannot be trusted as many of us wonder what is the hidden agenda behind this charade.
You have only twi years left in government.
Do you really want us to believe the project will be done in time? You have no site, no design nothing to put in!
It will take more than two years to achieve your goal if it really is your goal.

Street life celebrated in street art
Chiara, the children love this rabbit, every week when we go to town, they climb on the stand, say hello and give him a carrot.

Street art: life cycle of the Yeperenye in giant mural
We obviously do not need an Aboriginal art gallery.
Aborigines lived outdoors and street art is the best to show it.
All those horrible metal fences should be used for displaying Aboriginal culture.
This would attract: Alice – the only Aussie town with no metal fence or blank walls.
Tour buses stop to allow tourists to take photos of the Coles mural depicting the history of Alice Springs; in the same way they could tour the town.

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