Great event for the town! We need more of this. …

Comment on Henley-on-Todd: day of the kids, big and small by James T Smerk.

Great event for the town! We need more of this.

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More government handouts for alcohol traders
Wouldn’t be surprised to find someone making these decisions has shares in bottle shops, with the floor price increase with bottle shops keeping the excess cash (no going to victims of crime), police providing security work (when they should be employing local security firms instead) for the bottle shops and now this … why not put some of this money and resources towards helping people with drinking problems or victims?

Alice lesbian couple exercise their right to wed
I’m surprised it took this long to have the first in Alice, good on you two. Love is Love!

No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs
Watch’n: It’s because unlike school kids, these kids have probably never been to school or dropped out when they were very young as their parents neglected to make schooling mandatory.
They don’t have respect for anyone or anything and are constantly looking to break things or intimidate people, as they have most likely had a poor upbringing regarding social interaction and lacked loving parents.
Unfortunately this government doesn’t want any form of labels being stuck to them so they are more likely to do nothing. I have heard the courts are choosing not to send kids to detention because it’s “broken” and they can’t manage the kids there so they are just smacking them on the wrist and setting them free. Except for the really bad ones who start riots.
The fact is, yes, these are kids but you still need to be firm with them and have protection for their minders to restrain them when the need arrives.
And yes, if these were my kids trying to self-harm by head-butting the wall and spitting at guards then I would want them strapped in with a spit mask.
Harden up Government, the people want action now!

A job program that actually works
Good work, Coles and the workers!

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
Ms Moss, please pull your head out of the sand.
We have here a beautiful piece of art which has stood for a number of years and is well respected and enjoyed by all.
Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people love it and it has been a big part of everyone’s lives in Alice and is always spoken of outside of our town.
These sorts of things need to be protected for the future of our town.

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