Great event for the town! We need more of this. …

Comment on Henley-on-Todd: day of the kids, big and small by James T Smerk.

Great event for the town! We need more of this.

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Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
Who doesn’t get threats everyday just walking down the street?
Try turning down a request for a smoke and watch the abuse start. Just a part of our Alice lives.
I think Catherine is just trying to seek attention.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
It just doesn’t make sense why the police have to be private security guards to these businesses.
I think you would find none of these bottle shops are Territory owned businesses anyway, so their profits are just going elsewhere.
Make them pick up the tab or better yet hire their own security.
Alcohol restrictions should be Territory wide.
We always see the actions of the few affecting the whole population, why is this not the same.

Unfolding story: Kids race ute through town
We all hear that Hal. We need to speak out and tell Dale to her face every time anyone sees her, then maybe she might do more.
I wonder what will happen when/if the kids are caught. Don’t waste police time investigating, the courts will let them off with a stern talking to, then give them a couple of days and it will happen again.
I feel sorry for the hard working police, it must be really discouraging seeing what happens.

Rampaging kids: Dale Wakefield drops the ball
Spot on Erwin. Shame the people with power don’t care, or should I say don’t want to hear what you’re saying (which is what we are all saying).
Dale must be so embarrassed when walking around the streets of Alice, on the rare occasion she does.
I bet everyone she walks past is thinking “you have failed us”, pity we are too polite to say it to her face. Maybe we need to.

Kittles car yard hit again
Hey Resident: Silence from everyone at the moment. Strange no one is writing about this or even discussing on the radio.

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