I imagine he lives on a town camp because his …

Comment on Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps? by Rapscullion.

I imagine he lives on a town camp because his family lives there, he grew up there and he likes it there. Why not.

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Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
Yes, the restrictions should be across the Territory. A slab a day is more than enough for anyone.
I would suggest that they also limit how much is purchased per week. Four slabs perhaps. That will help finish secondary sales and improve peoples health and the wellbeing of our community as a whole.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
Violence or threats of violence should not be tolerated regardless of who they are coming from or directed at.

Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
Erwin, what has Ms Price promoted as councillor? Has she put forward any motions at all?
What kind of input has she had on council?
It would be interesting to see her record.
Will she be actually promoting anything as Federal pollie or just following the pack?

Aboriginal Men’s Shed: ‘We’ll build it ourselves from scratch’
Some years ago I spent quite some time helping set up a men’s shed for fellas from town camps.
I was working with a small team of dedicated Arrernte men. It took a while to find an appropriate place and to find a way of operating that was relevant and useful for the men involved.
We were getting traction, fellas were coming every day, they were learning new practical skills and were able to make some money from what they were learning.
We were also learning social and emotional skills supporting men to heal and find new ways of being in their communities.
Then the funding stopped. It all closed down.
Then several months later some new funding came along to set up a very similar thing with a bunch of new workers. Then the funding stopped etc etc.
Governments need to commit to long term solutions to long term problems. I truly believe that in the current situation Canberra doesn’t care about the issues here, they see them as an opportunity to leverage some votes on the east coast.
Oh, look everyone in Melbourne, there’s a problem with blackfellas in The Centre, but vote for us, we’ll chuck a load of money at it.
Of course most of the dollars will get chewed up by bureaucrats on the way and is probably misdirected and useless or even exacerbates the problem – but who knows and who cares.
Funding needs to be long term and support action research and evaluation, so the workers, organisations and people have some stability and where things aren’t working can be adapted and improved.

Miners seek certainty under native title
Well said, Alex.

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