Nigel, It would eventually have to happen any way with …

Comment on Huge fence around Parliament is OK: Scullion by Democratic Voter.

Nigel, It would eventually have to happen any way with the world terror situation eg. ISIS, North Korea, Taliban etc. So build it.
It is a shame to have to close in the magnificent lawns and patios but after a vehicle attack and the “rent a crowd” demonstration on the roof it is now necessary.
No different to protecting the White House or British Houses of Parliament.

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Cops with assault rifles footage six years old
If all that fails contact Hollywood and call in Robocop. He’ll definitely clean things up.

Fit-out of megafauna display in the Mall goes to local firm
Interesting. A contract given for a building owned by CLP stalwarts by a Labor Government?

Cut mining royalties to land councils: elder
How about all the Aboriginal organisations revolt and force David Ross to step down as director from CLC and put Frances Kelly in his place, then change the rules.
Stop sopping up all the royalties and get them paid direct to the communities to help pay all the expenses and create a fund for betterment and improvement of living conditions for the community to be controlled by that community.
The CLC should just concentrate on what it was created for, administration and management of Aboriginal lands and their legal issues.

Leaders want town council help to fight youth crime
This youth crime is getting totally out of hand and its time the Aranda elders all got together to form a strong community focus group and encourage parents and kids to be responsible for their own actions.
The kids not to be out on the streets late at night unsupervised. Perhaps a bit of help from the Night Patrol would help as well. As for the council, forget it, they are too bureaucratic and self focused on their own little projects to do anything constructive apart from having meetings, forming committees and issuing dozens of reports with no outcome.

Warrant for police search of construction firm office
@ Facts October 19: My my, I don’t know what cave you live in but a quick Google search would have enlightened you on the activities of the Police search warrant on various Territory Businesses (not just MPH). It is an audit by DIPL to confirm that they are complying to the conditions of Indigenous Employment Provisional Sum (IEPS) Eligibility Criteria – effective 4 August 2017.

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