Have you also asked “Media Watch” Erwin? I think it …

Comment on Journalists as prostitutes by Richard Bentley.

Have you also asked “Media Watch” Erwin?
I think it is fair to discuss with an editor the newsworthiness of new technology when advertising a particular brand of that technology.
For example if a solar installation company was advertising with you and you wrote editorial around the benefits of installing solar, how much solar was installed, how much more could be accommodated or even quoting somebody who thought it was an error to install more solar.
That would not be endorsing the particular brand or installer.

Recent Comments by Richard Bentley

Interest booms in solar power investment
Government commitment or not private investment continues to grow. Progress since 2007 can be tracked.
With solar installations becoming more attractive over time there is every indication this growth will continue at or above previous rates.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
There are seven tunnels in the world over 28km long and up to 57km.
So this is clearly possible.
I liked the idea of raising the rail over the road but with a tunnel you could still take the rail higher and bridge it over Bradshaw and other roads south of the gap. Returning the gap to its natural state is well worth considering.

Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print.
Seems that if all the checks and balances are put in place it won’t be worth doing. What a shame!

Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner
When the Federal Government have you in a squirrel grip what choice have you? Best hope is that the pace of developments of the alternatives and the cost of developing the resources means not much will happen.

Solar progress at St Philip’s, Ayers Rock Resort
Another step on the road to 100% renewable energy. Go Re_power Alice Springs.

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