Just vote for what you believe is right (use your …

Comment on You can vote No with love: Alice priest by James T Smerk.

Just vote for what you believe is right (use your heart and head). If you have to be told which way to vote you probably shouldn’t be voting at all. There is no wrong vote.

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Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
Maybe with the extra income the bottle shops can pay for their own security and the police can get back to more important duties, save the tax payer dollars.

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
I agree Evelyne, it seems every time the government come up with a plan to “help” The Alice it falls flat with no result.
What they don’t understand is when people are addicted to a substance they will find a way to get it.
Increasing the price won’t stop problem drinkers it will just mean more crime to make up the difference in their cost.

Alice tourism earnings drop 22%
Correct Rosie. I have done the work for you, Government. Do the below and we will be sorted:–
Talk to the airlines and subsidise our air fares in and out of Alice.
Grow a pair and use detention centres they way they are designed – to be a deterrent to crime.
Move the art gallery to in front of the ranges so it has an awesome back drop (where they want to build the new oval).
Offer incentives to new business to open in the CBD.
Have a regular bus service to ship out the trouble makers coming to town.
Offer certified building programs for communities to better their people’s job prospects and fix their housing to a liveable standard at the same time.

Land rich, jobs poor: Indigenous work around The Rock
Arunta Man: Not knowing processes or more importantly the facts as to why decisions are made and saying “racist” does not help anyone and does nothing but incite racism itself.

Alice tourism earnings drop 22%
Gee, I wonder why. Thanks, Government.

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