Erwin, the dust cloud picture does not have a date. When …

Comment on SA Government mum on cattle deals in APY Lands by Charlie Carter.

Erwin, the dust cloud picture does not have a date.
When was it ?
It was not mentioned in the story, but the subliminal message is “overgrazing leads to dust storm”.
I doubt very much that this is the case.
In fact I would guess that the dust cloud dates from years ago in the big dry of the 90s.
Cattlemen would not be paying for agistment if the land was bare.
Please identify the date for the picture.
[ED – Hi Charlie, I don’t have the date. I chose the picture as a metaphor for the latest controversy in the APY lands.]

Recent Comments by Charlie Carter

What kind of world is this?
“From this first story we move to ‘At Failure Creek’, to the perspective of a “land explorer”, recognisable as Captain Charles Sturt: a man in a “weakened and near blind state”, perhaps close to death himself …

… to the dream of the dying man – of a glorious imagined parade down Rundle Mall”

This is blatantly, obviously, StuArt, not Sturt.

Guilty: unanimous jury verdict for Peace Pilgrim
Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.
Henry David Thoreau.

The ex-Pom who nearly missed the boat
Alex, from my very limited understanding of constitutional law, any legislation that attempted to vary the meaning or application of the Constitution would be unconstitutional.
It is my understanding that the only way out is a referendum to change the Constitution.

Gas deal: They can’t blame Giles for this one!
I’m not sure what the problem is here?
Given the present gas supply and price issues, locking in a supply at (presumably) 2009 price would seem to be a smart idea.
Again, given the present “crisis” in supply and price, selling off the surplus at a handsome profit should be child’s play.

Rock climb to be closed for good
Well said Mr Wilson, I do feel proud that the decision has been taken.
I worked for CLC in the 80s, and then in tourism, and the “gun” was definitely there. It was feared that the tourism industry would pressure the NT and the Feds if the climb was closed then.
A later conservative government may have changed the Land Rights Act to prevent it, and seriously weakened the Act overall.
The Board, with the then chair, the very astute, late Yami Lester, took the long game to change attitudes and give the industry time to adapt. The policy has borne fruit.
It is sad that Yami did not live to see it.

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