A very interesting article Erwin. Thank you and glad that …

Comment on The hidden costs in the switch to solar by Mark Wilson.

A very interesting article Erwin. Thank you and glad that someone is awake. You achieve much with little. Others should be embarrassed. Alas, they are not.
I’ve never seen the value in installing rooftop solar unless you plan to live at the address for a very long time.
Because really it’s the house that owns the asset and not you. Further, government feed-in subsidies are not guaranteed in the long term.
They may even go BELOW the cost of supplied electricity if it all goes bad. There are rumblings in that direction already.
A few years back I wrote the relevant Minister in the Giles Government about my suggestions, but, rather predictably, received a “Dear John” response that referred me back to the troglodytes at PowerWater!
Politicians keep taking advice from the same sources! It was simply a waste of my time and effort.

Recent Comments by Mark Wilson

Where has Cr Melky been all these years?
You are correct Erwin. So it’s the whole family that needs treatment and being held responsible for the kids they receive payments for.
Start withdrawing welfare monies and very quickly there will be a quantum attitude change.
Here’s a novel idea: do the same for the school truants! The town is awash in truants and truant officers. Please explain Pauline?
Can I propose the old Anzac Hill High School as a protective custody centre for a good shower, some grub and a long sleep in time for a delivered trip to school?

Nine-year-old girl playing in park assaulted
Very sad development in our town. Abusers know no colour. Just look elsewhere. Let’s pray this is an isolated event, the girl recovers quickly and the offenders are caught and there are real consequences. That would be a development.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
You are correct Evelyne. No one will take responsibility.
Most people growing up need imposed discipline before leaning self discipline. But there is little of the former with endless excuses made and programs on offer.
The same tired methods will produce the same outcomes.
Hello! Everyone’s a victim now! The social fabric will only allow this to go on for so long. Already I sense that it’s gone way too far for many of us.

Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
@ John: You reap what you sow. Here we go again. Yawn. Youth Diversion. Code for doing nothing to change behaviours. Youth diversion and generous reward programs have been the go-to get out of jail card. Its been working well so far eh? These kids are laughing at us and showing contempt. In fact their behaviour is entirely predictable. A little Singapore justice is needed for these precious kids. Maybe for their (in name) carers too.
If we cannot get serious about youth crime then the town needs a return of Advance Alice but preferably with a significant indigenous component to avoid the easy labelling of the group as a white vigilante group.
Last night the police got lucky and intercepted these youth before the 39 cars were instead 200 cars. They are to be thanked. But they face an impossible job really and clearly need more eyes and ears.
Oh Evelyne, sponsor a child to Africa I hear! That would be child abuse!

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
Indeed Maya. Places and objects, even art pieces become iconic. They are not born that way. Easter Island and Stonehenge come to mind.
It is the Court of Public Opinion, that is often heavily influenced by aspects of the aesthetic and uniqueness that determines the “iconic” nature.
These are as much established, even legitimised, by “experts”, even self appointed media ones, who make or break an object or place’s status.
To set out to build an iconic structure is a task fraught with problems from the outset.

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