Like if marriage was still about religion … Come on! …

Comment on Same sex marriage campaign in the bush takes to YouTube by Mary.

Like if marriage was still about religion … Come on! How many hetero couples are still getting married in a church for religion reasons. Seriously.
Loving someone else, same sex or not is not about culture. Repressing people who are trying to be themselves has always been the biggest battle of religions and it is anything but human.
I feel very sorry and sad for all those people who are so conditioned by their believes that they think they have the right to tell us how we should be, behave and vote.
Those days some people are so busy caring for others’ business that they forget to deal with their own shit and this is the big issue.
Maybe look at your own soul first and check what this situation is triggering INSIDE you instead of projecting your fears, anger and ignorance on others and manipulate the world.

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