Katrina spot on, I have never understood how the government …

Comment on ‘More red tape after dual occupancy move’ by Karen.

Katrina spot on, I have never understood how the government department in charge has allowed builders to get away with one meter.

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Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
I agree with you Laurence, “Every Word”. When did we become a Village? Did I miss something? Is Laurence not your real name, are you anonymous? Who really cares?

Town Council still blocking two servos: United
Why is the council blocking it? They allowed a Bunnings which this town didn’t need.

Dob in a graffiti vandal, says town council
With the council in the black maybe they should put more cameras around.

Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?
I don’t know how this all started but to me it seems like Shaw has something to hide and he needs to grow up and I agree he should be means tested.

BDR lite to start on Saturday
Yes, I agree, here we go again.
I called into the drive through at the GapView and was
shocked that I had to show my licence. Didn’t even know
the had started early when all the time the Government
has been saying September 1. Typical. Can’t believe a
word they say.

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