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@ Concerned Citizen: I would have to agree with you. The Alice Springs council is a bit of a circus.
I am still amazed on how it costs $70K each year to put up the town Xmas tree, when they could get the service groups, such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club etc to do it free of charge!

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Local government: A lot of action beyond the 3Rs
@ Alex: Well said. It is a pity we do not have someone like you in council, someone with common sense.

Local government: A lot of action beyond the 3Rs
Even Broken Hill is a far better town than Alice Springs, cleaner, Indigenous issues handled far better. Broken Hill at least has industry. Even with the hard times in mining, it recovered. Alice Springs is a very dirty town compared to Broken Hill.

Local government: A lot of action beyond the 3Rs
Alice Springs councilors need to go and visit some successful councils to understand and know what to do for their town such as Pt Augusta, Coober Pedy, Murray Bridge, Mt Gambier.
Mt Gambier is a thriving town with population of 24,500 people.
It is the council of each town which stimulates the town’s progression and future. Housing is also cheaper.

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Diversification tipped to make millions for cattlemen
@ Pseudo: Unfortunately, the more you produce the less money the grower receives.
I have to say, feed lotting cattle in the NT would not be so successful, due to weight loss in trucking the beasts down south to market.
We did have an abattoir in Alice Springs once, but this was not so successful.
Feed lotting cattle in the NT do better if they have adequate shade.

National Indigenous Gallery advisors: ‘Release full report’
I think it is time the indigenous fund the art gallery themselves or their respective land councils.

New abattoir for Alice? Some cattle men pushing for it.
There’s only one thing for it, let the cattle men put their own money in to an abattoir and run it.

Too hot? Try laying bricks.
If they start early in the morning they would be finished before the heat of the day. As they say it’s only mad dogs and Englishmen in the sun in the afternoon.

Congress call: Put full-time police back at bottle-shops
Simple, make the whole town dry. No sale of alcohol anywhere, including Woolies, Coles, IGAs or the pub drive throughs.

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