It is no wonder the tourist figures are down, as …

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It is no wonder the tourist figures are down, as people can go to Bali cheaper.
Accomodation rates at Ayres Rock are far too expensive. It’s just not good value to go to Central Australia.
You have to walk too far to see any attractions. Some places 500m.
No wheelchair access.
Food in Alice Springs is expensive and not always fantastic (that’s being nice).
People also hesitant coming with the youth issues, unsafe and Alice Springs is considered the murder capital of Australia.
Facilities at Glen Helen and Ross River are pretty poor and to top it off, if you want a cup of tea you have to make it yourself and still charge full price.

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Horror numbers in tourism stats, with a hint for a solution
@ Trevor Shiell: Well said. There is nothing stopping Alice Springs from following some of the successful towns around Australia. I have been travelling around the lower South East of South Australia, Beachport, Robe, Mt Gambler, Penola etc and they are just magnificent.
I think our Mayor and the tourist committee need to take a road trip to see from themselves.
I have also spoken to a couple from Sydney and they said that a lot of people try and by pass Alice Springs as it is not a very nice town.

Horror numbers in tourism stats, with a hint for a solution
Just food for thought: Why don’t we have a mardi gras? It is well received in Sydney, why not Alice Springs? It would be a real tourist booster. We have plenty of gay people.

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We need more police. True or false?
False. We do not need any more police just police who are going to work.
Remember the issues in the NT are mostly Indigenous crimes. We need to control the Indigenous. Where are we going to get the funding for extra police when the NT is broke?

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
@ Concerned Rate and Tax Payer: Well said! My family have been in the great wars. We do not recognise the Indigenous flag.

Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
If crime has become part of culture in this town as one reader writes, why then are we wasting tax payers’ money in services to the Indigenous, such as police, hospital, ambulances etc.
Let’s reduce the services! Save money. The problem is they are getting TOO much!

Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
@ Hal, you cannot keep blaming the government for this. There is more money spent on the Indigenous people than any other in Australia.
We need to review what the Aboriginal corporations are actually doing for their people and spending their funds appropriately. Not hoarding the funds for their own use.
It’s time the Indigenous people and corporations take some responsibility for their children’s actions. Our police force and the law e.g. judges need to enforce far greater punishment. Puttitng them in a detention centre is a holiday to them.
Alice Springs has the most police per capita, come on what’s the problem?
Do they need more training or are they there just for the money?
This is not a new problem. People are just taking care of their own pockets and do not want to solve the problem or it might mean a loss of jobs.

Diversification tipped to make millions for cattlemen
@ Pseudo: Unfortunately, the more you produce the less money the grower receives.
I have to say, feed lotting cattle in the NT would not be so successful, due to weight loss in trucking the beasts down south to market.
We did have an abattoir in Alice Springs once, but this was not so successful.
Feed lotting cattle in the NT do better if they have adequate shade.

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