Batchelor Institute is a huge sponge soaking the dollars thrown …

Comment on With Gunner and Scullion, Batchelor doesn’t need Santa by Gavin Carpenter.

Batchelor Institute is a huge sponge soaking the dollars thrown at it with little result.
Some 12 to 15 years ago a very nice lady was given teaching qualifications (three years as a full time Batchelor student) with all the raz ma taz to go with it, the congratulations, head nodding, hand shakes, fancy certificate etc.
Good on her, but unfortunately she could not even fill out the simplest of forms when asked.
What hope did the kids she was supposed to teach have in the big bad wide world?
Overall a very expensive and sad situation. What has changed?

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Anzac Oval: hand it over, says NT Government
If the council roll over on this one they can all resign and close the council down, they are not needed.
Should the “gumit” come up with firm plans and proposals I could even think about supporting the whole concept however the “plans” as proposed and shown to date, a few lines drawn up by some school kid is far from what one may expect to be suitable for a national building in Alice Springs.
In any event, if the government was private enterprise they would be closed down for trading insolvent.
They just keep spending our money as if there is plenty to come, the final day of reckoning is getting closer, the debt will never be repaid.

Wowser games?
No grog??? I would not have a issue going along with this no grog plan if it attacked the problem of regular drunks and the side effects thereof.
One can see more drunks in one night along Mitchell Stgreet in Darwin than will be seen the whole of the Masters Games period.
What are you doing about that?
Very little because you are in the pockets of the AHA and liquor industry and they control what goes on in Darwin.

Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’
I would not like to have any building, museum, hall, cultural centre, call it what you may based on the Nyinkka Nyunyu exercise in Tennant Creek.
It is a great building, don’t get me wrong BUT the cost was humongous for what is there.
It is closed more often than open because of staffing problems and the way is/was supposed to be operate, I could go on.
Is this just another case of the tail (public service) wagging the dog (politicians) again to justify jobs?
I made this comment to a pollie some years ago and the answer was “yes we know but do not know how to change it”.
I was speechless for some considerable time.

Tennant Hotel cops 48 hour licence suspension
How about a few suspensions in Darwin? Try Mitchell Street in the early hours of most mornings as a start.
Oh, I forgot, that is too hard and not politically acceptable, it has been over the years, Tennant has been the whipping boy all along. Come on Kershaw, show some intestinal fortitude.

National Aboriginal art gallery: The horse and the cart
Forget the whole issue, the credit card cannot handle it.
If “someone” could come up with some definitive figures and cost analysis of the benefits supposedly to be made I could perhaps change my mind.
It will be a noose around the taxpayer’s neck forever, long after these people pushing for it are dead and buried.
Grandkids and great grandkids will wish their forefathers had a little more forethought.

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