The retailers have a responsibility to comply with the relevant …

Comment on Gunner re-opens the Rivers of Grog floodgates by Interested.

The retailers have a responsibility to comply with the relevant act and regulations relating to their liquor license.
They are a lawful business, selling a legal product.
A business is essentially established to create profit.
Crime, anti-social behaviour, health outcomes – they are the responsibility of legislators and the appropriate government bodies – not a mere retailer.

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Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
It was telling of the propaganda machine that the NT Media release spun the change in flights as a tourism win whilst most media reported it for what it is – a cut in flights between Alice and Cairns and Perth.
The Tourism Ministers positive news is a vague silver lining at best.
Of interest is that the NTG has also announced that the scheme of giving away free flights to international tourist has been extended. Not because the scheme is successful but rather because they failed to be able to give away FREE flights.
When you can’t give free flights away, you know there is a problem!
Of course, this news coincides with a substantial increase in crime in the region: Crime against person up 15.7% and property up 3.4% in year to 31/08/2018.

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
@ Domenico Pecorari: I certainly made no comment about the capacity or precedence of murals being heritage listed.
I did however question the commercial viability of heritage protecting a modern era brick wall for all eternity for a 1980s mural.
I further made comment that heritage preserving a structure (for the 2mm of paint upon its surface) is likely to be a serious, costly and avoidable risk for current property owners who would otherwise be willing to have their walls painted (such as Yeperenye), on a finite basis, for the purpose of community enjoyment and amenity.

Anzac Oval grab Minister rejects Coles Mural listing
Painting a mural on a wall is the property owner’s choice. As attached as the community may feel, it should also be equally the property owners choice to preserve (or otherwise) the mural.
If such public work was going to be constantly called to be heritage listed and hence encumber the property, what motivation would a property owner have to allow a mural be painted in the first place?
Whilst something may be significant for a period of time, it is important to understand the commercial realities of what is ultimately an ever aging building with low to non-existent heritage value, stock standard plane brick building.
I am sure the owners of Yeperenye would never have allowed the fantastic new artwork at the old pizza hut car park if they considered that it may eventually result in the block wall being protected for all time.
Regarding Anzac oval – arguably the oval has heritage and/or historical value that should be carefully considered. A similar argument for the relatively modern school buildings however is a stretch.

Grog price gouging: Fines up to $10m
We are clearly at the cross roads of Socialism and Capitalism.
Alcohol is a legal product and should be traded in a free market.
Supply and demand should set the price. If Consumer Affairs wants to take a stand it should be against government regulation and bureaucracy that is driving up costs.

Anzac Oval: hand it over, says NT Government
The art gallery is small fish. What ever happened to the incredible world class cultural centre? Seems to have disappeared into thin air.

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