Yes, the mining companies can truck in their water and …

Comment on Who pays the bill when fracking goes wrong? by Ian Rennie.

Yes, the mining companies can truck in their water and their CEOs and shareholders can sit back at home and enjoy their unpolluted grounds and water while the silly stupid Aussies weep in sorrow having been sucked in once again by the foreign giants with their false smiles and assurances.

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How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy?
I must add to my other writing that things have not always been as good for Aboriginal Australians and may no one take that as that they are perfect, (by crikey, things are not perfect for the average White Australian either) but in some ways they have a lot of good happening.
Also, white Australia is not – I repeat, not – responsible for what happened many years ago and as such I take great aversion to Rudd’s apology saying he apologized for all Australians because for me I will not ever apologize.

How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy?
G’day to you Mr Jakub Baranski of Warsaw, Poland.
I met a woman who came to the Alice and her main reason was to help the Aboriginal people.
I found that interesting because a lot of people who wish to do this have never spoken to an Aboriginal Australian and a lot of their information had come from people who had done a bit of touring and were under the impression that they were made to live on reservations.
Nothing could be further from the truth not knowing that there are homelands scattered throughout Australia mostly funded by the Australian taxpayer.
These people live there because they wanted to in the first place.
Now this woman I spoke about, well a week later I bumped into her and she was asking me if I could help her get hold of a truck to take food out to the people on communities who she had been told were starving as the government gave them no food. OMG!
Just how ignorant and misinformed can a person be? Look I could go on for hours as I have first hand knowledge, having lived and worked on such communities for seven years solid and have had quite some dealings with some of the incompetents in various government departments.
I did however find your letter most interesting.

No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs
Why have law? Why have a police force? Why have prisons?
For all the mealy mouthed do gooders, get a life!
These “poor little children” are in detention for a reason. Youth detention is there for a reason and whilst these little darlings are in there they have the opportunity to make a conscious decision as to the direction their lives are going to take apon release.
And as such the people who are in charge need to take off the kid gloves.
Let them live in the section that they burnt down and suffer that as self inflicted punishment and have the place run by hardened, experienced corrections officers.
Let me also add that not all parents are feral, but when a government takes the place of a parent in that discipline in the home is forbidden and parents cannot even have curfew on their children, then it is the government that is feral.

Snooping bureaucrats, clinics for Aborigines only
This apartheid that some claim exists along with the racism that does exist is in my opinion instigated by Aboriginal entities against and to the detriment of white Australians. Did we not see in Parliament that it is not OK to be white? Yes, we did.

The Mushroom
It would seem that Michael fracking Gunner should be herein referred to as Teflon Mick and his colleagues as the Teflon Mob for obvious reasons.

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