Indeed! Is Alice Springs heading towards anarchy not unlike Port …

Comment on Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday by Chris2.

Indeed! Is Alice Springs heading towards anarchy not unlike Port Moresby where gangs known as rascals make the streets unsafe and law abiding citizens live behind razor wire?
The problem is, when there is no deterrent for crime and anti-social behaviour there is no reason to change your ways.
The kiss and release touchy feely approach to criminals is a total failure and grounds for the police minister to be tapped on the shoulder by his colleges and moved on.

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Government to spend $67m on youth database
Two years to get nowhere. Crime rates up in nearly all categories. We are stuck with a bunch of elected politicians failing the people dismally on law and order. The very fabric of the town is stretched.
Homes under threat nightly, insane life threatening rock throwing, harassment of people day and night in the CBD, vehicle theft and damage epidemic.
But its OK we are told we are talking to stakeholders and considering the Belgium model for camps. Oh Please.
It seems to me a lot of faceless bureaucrats spin merchants and highly paid consultants none of whom are elected are pushing their own agendas.
Our timid politicians, incapable of original thought, are going with the soft options these types promote. How long will the law abiding citizens of this town put up with it ?

Questions raised about Alice kids in Don Dale during riot
Any transfer to Don Dale “is done in consultation with the young person, their family and legal support team as well as youth outreach re-engagement officers and child protection practitioners. When a transfer does occur ongoing efforts are made to facilitate family access”.
That’s a lot of people paid by the taxpayer. Add to that criminal damage done, transport costs, family support, medical and so on and we have a taxpayer funded industry. Sadly, if it were performance based closure would be assured.

Wowser games?
Surely this is fake news! Sadly I fear it is not.
Try that in Darwin Mr Gunner, they would lynch you.
Apex will miss out on the money they put to good use and returns the golf club has relied on through recent difficult times will be down.
What will our interstate and overseas guests make of it?
Will this stunningly stupid Gunner decree stop the inevitable property damage and theft that will escalate as more soft targets present through the games?
Another nail in the coffin for Alice Springs.

Booze ban sign: can they be serious?
Most of the Binns Track signs and interpretive signs at Arltunga Historical Reserve are in the same unreadable condition.
Simply put, when the contract was awarded to produce these signs it would seem they forgot about our extreme climate. More taxpayer’s money littrerly burnt.

Police want parents to stop youth crime
Whitney: Incisive and correct. Indeed what is wrong with this NT Government that directs the judicial system to feed and let go?
Good people are at wits’ end. Both mirrors kicked off my car recently while at Sporties.
$500 hard earned to fix and nothing in consequence for the criminals. Tell me, Mr Gunner, how does that work?

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