Also remember, all gas wells eventually deteriate and fail. With …

Comment on Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print. by Ginnia.

Also remember, all gas wells eventually deteriate and fail. With the mining industry’s record of just leaving a mess behind when they abandon a mine, can the NT actually afford to all but give our gas away?

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Allegations, no proof on bottlo shut-down
I am sick to death of grog shops in supermarkets and all that entails!
Why can’t grog shops be kept in completely seperate areas of town so we can do our shopping in peace.
The proliferation of grog shops is ridiculous in a town of this size.

Gallery at Anzac consult: council hurries to meet govt deadline
There is space, south of The Gap, to build a fantastic cultural centre and art gallery in a highly visable area near the college.
Instead the government is absolutely determined to squash the centre into a less attactive area, remove much needed car parking, and spend millions on building new sports fields.
Of course the government will not do any thing about replacing the car parking the residents this town council represent need to access the church, senior citizens, youth centre etc.
All round this project will be a disgusting waste of public money, a poorly designed project that could have been so much better.

Top cop must go, says Congress after stabbing death
When the dust settles on the Anzac Oval money grab how about a Territory wide push to get booze sales out of and away from supermarkets and residential areas. Full stop!
Put them together in one or two spots and then the number of police needed to keep order would be much reduced.

Raw deal for Alice from NTG & Murdoch Advocate
So, has Labor suddenly turned into a liberal party? Were we fooled at the last election into voting for Libs in disguise?

Top cop must go, says Congress after stabbing death
I agree with Donna on this one. Violence and drunks rolling around the streets again.
We have gone backwards in regard to law inforcement and the town is becoming very unpleasant and unsafe.
Hoppies Camp is now a booze fueled noisy area that seems to be allowed to carry on nightly unchecked.
Really! How come?
And now someone has been killed as a result! Just not good enough. But the government is happy to spend $150m it doesn’t have on a gallery. Fix law and order first!

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