In my opinion, the fact that Mr Gunner did not …

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In my opinion, the fact that Mr Gunner did not bid for Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s Earth’s Creation I, that was sold to art dealer Tim Olsen, who set up a gallery in New York, shows he did not have intention to build the gallery.

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‘Our’ gallery: Will Gunner, Ryan slay the dragon stealing it?
Janet, I understand and respect your desire, but even the Queen says we would like!
I want is authoritarian like a child having a tantrum. Can I add: “I do not like the idea, because 40,000 square meters would completely shadow the Totem theatre (probably next in the line of fire) and the senior club building. Some seniors on wheelchairs will have problems in maneuver in the lawn.
On the top of it Aborigine custodians do not want it there for cultural reasons; their land and their rights.

‘Our’ gallery: Will Gunner, Ryan slay the dragon stealing it?
Russell, if you want to insult without real knowledge of what you accuse others, put your name; unless you are using reverse mirror and accuse others of your own sins.
My grandfather a venerable elder used to say to us: “Do not get upset by insults, remember that the spit of a toad cannot reach a white dove.”
PS: I have a bachelor of diplomacy which means I can say the most nasty things in a nicest way.

‘Our’ gallery: Will Gunner, Ryan slay the dragon stealing it?
We have no design for the gallery, do not know what we will put in, no site yet and no money. Do we really hope to compete with Adelaide??
Oh sorry I forget, we have a curator! And know how many tourists we will attract.

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@ Recent visitor of Alice
You are very correct and this have been said over and over. Every time I read such comment this song come to my head:
I talk to the trees
But they don’t listen to me
I talk to the stars
But they never hear me
The breeze hasn’t time
To stop and hear what I say
I talk to them all in vain

I hope that the last bit will be coming soon:
But suddenly my words
Reach someone else’s ear
At someone else’s heart strings too
I tell you my dreams
And while you’re listening to me
I suddenly see them come true

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Maskat: We used to look after our footpath until the Council told us they were taking over … with a rise in the rates of course.
As for: “Generally council should also make sure that pathways are actually available to people who try to walk, ride, have prams or are in wheelchairs” – try to go with a pram and toddlers in Brown and Priest Streets.

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James T Smerk: Could you develop your comment by explaining why it would have been better for Alice Springs with Jessica?

Society stops crime, not the police
Spot on Dominico especially “appreciation and respect for Indigenous cultural values”.
If a quiz/survey was conducted on the basic knowledge regarding Aboriginal culture, how many of us will pass?
For fact I know some (quite a few) Europeans working for years with Aborigenes who still do not have basic knowledge of the culture / history / background of the people they served.
In this age there are no more excuses for asking: “Why didn’t we know? Why were we not told?”

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True Walter, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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