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Please let me know how many cars were stolen in Alice Springs in the last week. How many of the alleged offenders were children? Was there a stolen minibus full of kids doing burn-outs?


How many of the suspects or accomplices are in the care of the Minister? Given the circumstances, how many of them should be?


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What is the percentage of NT people opposed to fracking? What will your government do in response to the Labor Party’s vote on Saturday, calling for fracking to be banned?


What will you do about your Treasurer misleading the public by claiming that gas royalties will be 10% of the wellhead price?


Has Tourism and Arts Minister Lauren Moss been officially relieved of her responsibilities for the National Indigenous Art Gallery in Alice Springs?


Given the national scandal about her department’s dealing with issues surrounding the alleged rape of a two year old, do you consider Ms Wakefield is competent to now manage the art gallery project? (This question co-incided with a report, quoting police, on the Alice Springs ABC radio, that since Thursday five vehicles had been stolen, including a minibus full of kids doing burn-outs. We are following up with enquiries to the police and Ms Wakefield: Were the alleged car thieves children? If so, how many were in Ms Wakefield’s care or should be?)


Will the government continue to insist on the Anzac Oval location for the gallery, or will it start fresh public consultation from a neutral position and be guided by the public, representative organisations in Alice Springs and experts in the field? (The public obviously includes Arrernte people who have expressed disquiet.)


What has been the advertising cost so far for your government’s push to have the Anzac Oval site accepted by the public?



UPDATED May 18 at 9.04am

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  1. James T Smerk
    Posted May 18, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Someone needs to remind the Government about their requirement to be transparent in their actions. It’s pretty obvious Gunner will have 28,000 (Alice’s population) people not re-electing him next election. It can’t come quick enough.

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  2. InterestedDarwinObserver
    Posted May 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    The cinema having to employ private security to protect patrons and cars from the violence and destruction in the Todd Mall and car park is a fair indication of our current situation. Alice must be a paradise for the criminals, but its a prison for the good citizen.

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  3. Chris2
    Posted May 16, 2018 at 10:50 am

    It’s almost as if Gunner and his government have tapped out on law and order.
    Social media is awash with horror stories of good citizens living in fear no go zones at night, homes turned into fortresses cars stolen at record levels and nothing from this incompetent Chief Minister and his team.
    Last week I listened from behind my six foot fence to a loud conversation held between three untouchables as they passed by.
    The most memorable comment was this: “The cops don’t run this town. We do.”
    Sad but true.

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