Just tell us the facts and let us judge in …

Comment on Juvenile detention ‘incident’: Don’t mention assault. by James T Smerk.

Just tell us the facts and let us judge in our own minds how we want.
The only possible reason for covering it up (spinning it) is because they don’t want the public to know these young criminals are as bad as they are, and they want us to think they are all misunderstood individuals who are harmless.
My hat is off to anyone working there.
If these “troubled youths” want to make waves in youth detention how about we throw them in with the adults, see if their behaviours would change.

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What nice behaviour, this town/territory is doomed.

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What a surprise, dodge the answers. Seems to be a way of life for these mob.

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So this walk of the other side of The Gap is irrelevant (apparently).
The idea of visitors having to ask for permission for entry would only affect the people coming from down south, not the other three directions, wouldn’t it?

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