How much longer will the delusion last and how many …

Comment on ANZAC Oval art gallery good for Mall traders: Chamber by Trevor Shiell.

How much longer will the delusion last and how many more times will the mall be “invigorated” before they realise that the CBD is now in the wrong place and out of date.
It was great when the centre of commercial activity were the Telegraph Station and Arltunga. But times change.
The Mega flora museum should be a the AZRI geology centre in conjunction with the rest of our amazing geology, the cultural centre should be in conjunction with Yirrara with the achievement of the students portrayed, the visitors centre as at Katherine should be at the highway intersection with the display of the bush tucker potential, and with the Hall of Fame constitute a new tourism hub to proactively intercept visitors and direct them to where the commerce people want them to be.
The short sighted planning in that area and the introduction of new industries here has been very sad.
We have a fixation with speed and fast motor sport, but how about a training school in defensive driving for the hundreds of senior school students that visit, or a training school to prevent the sad loss of live on quad bikes in conjunction with the drag strip.
At least two medicinal cannabis and Ag technology companies are now operating out of Israel because no one thought to ask them to look at doing their research in this arid area.
Perhaps advertising canal frontage blocks of land with yacht anchorages on the corner of the highway and Col Rose Drive where the ridiculous quasi mining operation is, will be the next brain wave?

Recent Comments by Trevor Shiell

Step closer for rare earth mine employing up to 370
Apart from the rare earths component, of which China has about 97% of the worlds supply, we are due to run out of phosphate within 20 years and potash perhaps before that.
To see the veracity of these reports look at the website of Parkway minerals and their ASX notices.
There is a graph sourced from Forbes Investment Services which shows the gravity of the looming fertiliser shortage.
In addition to this, we will likely be importing phosphate from Algeria with all the political instability that that may involve.
We so have our heads in the sand.
There is also an interesting development with Northern Minerals an the world situation and competition for rare earths and their implications with defence and the production of weaponry, particularly in the USA.
To protect ourselves we should be going hell bent developed plant varieties with lower nutrient requirements but we prefer to build drag strips and sports pavilions rather than research into food production.
Both the Chinese and Indian authorities recognised this long ago, but we are slow learners.
PS: I have a vested interest in all three companies having purchased shares for my grand children 10 years ago.

Bilby’s greater foe: Cat or fox?
In the mid 60s a friend made a lot of money through fox skins which were in high demand in Europe.
He eventually built a unit on the Gold Coast with the profits. Sadly, the animal rights people objected, the bottom fell out of the skin market and our native animals have been suffering ever since.
The way he did it was to find a female in season, shoot it, tow it behind his ute for a long distance, then shoot the foxes that followed the pheromone trail.
He got literally hundreds.
Those of us that have heard dingoes behave in the same way can testify that it works.
I have seen the same thing happening with large mobs of feral camels and I wonder why we use expensive helicopters.
The biggest mob I have ever seen was north of Lake Eyre and contained perhaps 1000 animals.
I also wonder why this approach is not used on other species and who if anyone is doing the research to utilise their natural mating behaviour to control their numbers.
I also often wonder why the CRC for invasive animal control is based in Tasmania.
We have more invasive species here than they do and I wonder if anyone has attempted to get them to relocate here, or is that just another thing that politicians are bit ignorant of and don’t see the possibilities?

Four charter flights from Japan to Alice Springs
Arissu Supuringsu Ni yokoso!!! It should have been an international port of arrival and international freight distribution centre years ago in conjunction with a dedicated technical development park exporting technology based on what we do best (solar) 40 years ago.
This was the basis of a plan put by INratril, the then owners, to Government, but ignored.
The future of the town is still south of The Gap and it will happen by attrition whether we like it or not.
We had the same opportunity based on arid land food production but houses got in the way.

Government-made dust bowl: What comes next
That’s not the issue. It should never have happened in the first place.

NT the biggest climate change offender
Apart from all the other considerations listed in Jim’s article, all of which have been shot down in national press this week, I can’t believe that land has been put aside in the Pedirka basin for exploration.
This basin overlies 600 million tonnes of high quality coal.
As a shareholder in Central Petroleum, I attended their AGM in Perth several years ago and spoke at length with the then CEO John Heugh about that prospect and remember distinctly when he returned from the Colson Track to Old Andado with the initial soil samples and proclaimed “we’ve got it”.
I was there at that moment. Subsequent to that, there was an attempt to gain influence over the CTP board by Clive Palmer who planned to convert the company into a coal miner and build a railway from the central Simpson to Gladstone in Queensland to export it.
I am proud to say that I voiced strong opposition as the desert is very dear to me. This may have been a part of the reason why the Giles administration upgraded a section of the Old Andado road east of Allambi in anticipation.
If this Government is supporting at arm’s length such developments – shame on them.
Both gas and coal are obsolete as a long term future source of fuel as the Indian Government is at last recognising.
The BBC reported this week of the pollution problems that currently are causing much concern in Mumbai and other places largely due to fossil fuel consumption for electricity generation and transport.
In the light of this, one has to question the sanity of our Government policy which exacerbates a world wide problem and showers ridicule on the Adani project in Queensland (and our Government).
One wonders what will happen to the coal that may be extracted.
My guess is that they will re-export it to China and in doing so thumb their noses at our expense and our ignorance.
India’s population will exceed that of China within 20 years and as Lee Quan Yu once said we will be the white trash of Asia.
Surely, a Government that claims to have some green sympathies as ours does, can do better than that.
In the meantime India is looking to develop electricity generation based on thorium and nuclear waste while we fiddle around with soon to become obsolete fossil fuel based technology.
Silly actions such as the one cited above will not help. The same goes for food production in arid zones.
We have it. They need it, but we build houses on land which could supply what they want.

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