That seems fair enough. Local rate payers shouldn’t be paying for …

Comment on Price, Turnbull should pay for town council function: Cr Banks by Pretty casual reader.

That seems fair enough.
Local rate payers shouldn’t be paying for private political agendas and quite frankly, Jacinta and DeBrenni should have known better that this was going to blow up in their faces.
Between the fist fights in public, the breaking of rules regarding use of public funds for private purpose and teaming up with Mark Latham, this does not bode well for future behaviour of this woman should she end up elected.

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Motion carried for former Prime Minister, Jacinta Price to pay for council party
Oh John you flatter me. Although I do long for younger years again even if I wouldn’t do it differently.
But to get straight to the point. The feelings of humour are equally reciprocated regarding your assertion that despite an obvious conflict of interest and a sudden random anonymous donation to make it all go away popping up just before the motion, that it wouldn’t somehow be in the public’s interest to know what really happened. Especially when their money was used for extremely questionable political purpose.
That’s suspicious by any measure.
And for the sake of the record I wasn’t drawing conclusions about the Alice Springs town council leadership and the leaders of WW2. To be candid, I’m a touch baffled as to how you managed to delineated that from my comment but it’s besides the point.
The point is, elected local officials should not be using public money for Federal political aspirations and they shouldn’t be covering things up when they get caught. End of story.

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
More taxpayers money wasted so that greaseball wannabe politicans can promote themselves at our expense while our rates continue to go up and up.
Bloody typical! Stay in Canberra [Turnbull] and keep politics out of the council!

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