Vote 1 Jimmy Cocking. He does fantastic work. Listens to …

Comment on Code of conduct allegations ‘vexatious, frivolous’ – councillor by Michael Liddle.

Vote 1 Jimmy Cocking. He does fantastic work. Listens to people and asks hard questions that require honest answers. Keep the bastards honest, Jim!

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Car crashed into supermarket, alcohol stolen
These two men more than likely are fathers and have more than likely been through Aboriginal business which gives them accesss to knowledge for country somewhere.
They are more than likely to have kids, no licenses, heavy drug smokers, heavy cigarette smokers and heavy drinkers, heavy wife bashers they will end up in jail, could end up dying someway before they reach 45-50 or end up being diabetics, or on renal.
This will come at a cost to the NT Government.
What about the kids who will grow them up? Department of Children and Families will play a role in creating an identity that these to young dickheads are responsible for and the circle of life will continue.
Education is the key, it’s a long painful task and it’s going to be extremely expensive. But it’s the truth and this is just one example of the day!

The tree or the bench?
Watch out, she will call it sacred!

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
Well, the puppy and her owners (CLP) haven’t been seen out in Amplatawatja, Alparra, Yuendumu – not anywhere.
The JP circus is focusing on the urban white vote to help her get to Canberra. After all the sadness of her crying crocodile tears about her family and blah, blah, blahs. She hasn’t been sighted.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
@ Walter: Ha ha. Great stuff!

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
The whole Jacinta Price circus keeps on moving in the dysfunction direction. This is what the Prices call responsible behavior.
Aboriginal problems like youth crime, domestic violence, unemployment, etc. exist because of the disadvantage involved in not having equal access to services, especially education and above all bad upbringing and bad parents.
JPs circumstance is no different. Have a look. Mum and dad have ill advised and badly promoted JPs bad behavior for so long and now the public have had enough of all three!
The Price Walpiri / Celtic Circus needs to roll their BIG TENT up, because their show value is unsatisfactory and mum and dad promoted the show around myths!

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