Grog is by far and clearly the biggest destroyer of …

Comment on Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start? by Matthew Langan.

Grog is by far and clearly the biggest destroyer of Aboriginal culture and families in Central Australia.
Has the dictator type Northern Territory Labor Government done an Anzac Oval alcohol impact study and invited Aboriginal art groups?
Building such a national gallery facility directly across the road from the oldest pub and gambling facility in Alice Springs is a probably a very very bad idea.
I’m just curious. Doesn’t the NT Labor Government care much about the workers, families and their children’s future health?
They will undoubtedly bring all the extra grog culture to the Alice Springs city centre, which does not need it.
It is currently is already under a terrible grog, thieving and juvenile re-offender siege.

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Crunch time in Anzac Oval standoff
Alice Springs residents have voted several times against the ANZAC Oval site, so that the Labor Party Dictator Michael Gunner can fully understand we do not want our community’s favourite meeting, greeting, entertainment and football oval site, historical site, used for his Labor Government’s Big White Elephant Museum project, just so he can then rent shop space back to local business at high cost.
It should be noted also that the Alice Springs Desert Wildlife Park was sold to local Alice Springs people as a major tourist boosting project that would bring hundreds of thousands of tourists flocking here just to visit that attraction. It never happened. So let’s face it, if the proposed museum went ahead at Anzac Oval, very few locals would even cross the street at that danger end of town at night ever.
Secondly if it didn’t have a coffee shop, no-one would even cross the road during the day or night, after 12 months.
Mr Gunner has completely dismissed his own $200,000 expert advisors’ recommendations where to put his white elephant and completely ignorantly ignores The Great Local Aboriginal Groups and white residents who all happen to love our community’s favorite ANZAC OVAL site.
The greater majority of people and local Aboriginal groups want [the gallery] put beside the Desert Park Wildlife Park.
It is a beautiful location and far more safe and secure location.
Thanks for listening.

Crime in Alice ‘trending down’ police tell council
Please show all the Daily Police Incident Reports that are phoned / reported in; then write Solved or Unsolved next to them all, instead of Convicted Criminal Statistics which don’t reflect what really is happening here in Alice Springs at all. Thanks!

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