Grog is by far and clearly the biggest destroyer of …

Comment on Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start? by Matthew Langan.

Grog is by far and clearly the biggest destroyer of Aboriginal culture and families in Central Australia.
Has the dictator type Northern Territory Labor Government done an Anzac Oval alcohol impact study and invited Aboriginal art groups?
Building such a national gallery facility directly across the road from the oldest pub and gambling facility in Alice Springs is a probably a very very bad idea.
I’m just curious. Doesn’t the NT Labor Government care much about the workers, families and their children’s future health?
They will undoubtedly bring all the extra grog culture to the Alice Springs city centre, which does not need it.
It is currently is already under a terrible grog, thieving and juvenile re-offender siege.

Recent Comments by Matthew Langan

The forgotten lesson: Take tough decisions now or borrow against tomorrow into unmanageable debt
I saw Gunner bragging the other day about creating 700 new Socialist social service jobs since his massive over spending government took power.
That’s one hell of a lot of extra money flying out of tax payers’ pockets.

‘Cannibalising’ Vowles is childish, says CLP
Territory Big Knob Chief Minister Gunner. He sacks his best minister Ken Vowles for just being honest and for telling a very concerned Northern Territory general public about the Territory Labor Party’s current massive over spending and spiralling debt.
God help us because Gunner, Labor and Co certainly won’t.

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
Big Knob Chief Gunna sacks one of his best Ministers, Ken Vowles, and several other people.

A break-in with a very happy ending
Old Mr Kinsman deserves the community’s respect, whereas the social service juvenile criminal pandering failure groups deserve nothing.
They put the rights, protection and freedom of “their own” evil re-offending criminal children (clients) far ahead of all the good law abiding black and white people in our once good town.
These days, unfortunately, there is no real punishment for juveniles and no fear of consequences,only one thing, far more crime and juvenile disrespect being tipped all over us all.
Tough love worked for millions of years.

Children in care management system to cost $229m
Stupid Labor Party people spending money they don’t own, building more socialist temples for their own (Do Right, Fix Nothing, Criminal Pandering S/S Groups, that reward all their own money making juvenile criminal client groups). Anyway, Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

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