When I read the headline I thought he must be …

Comment on And now, the Stuart Highway by scooter by Marie.

When I read the headline I thought he must be French. And here he is! Says a French woman 🙂

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Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
How come I didn’t come across this article before! So this is publicly out there, you are leaving us! Well, I guess we now have a holiday house down south 🙂 We will miss you here!

Help disabled to be part of the economy
That would be good to also use “people with disability” in the headline instead of “disabled” … They are people first!

Clay pans mob: Gathering trash can be fun
And a big THANK YOU to our partner ALEC (Arid Lands Environment Centre) for the logistical support and for helping to coordinate and promote the event, it was a great morning!

Man sought in indecent assault investigation
He was in front of Monte’s on Friday afternoon at 5:15pm and did the same to me while I was getting off my bike!

Intending Desert Knowledge investor blasts board
Money, money, money. Always money. Do we really need that? Seriously?
Could we leave Alice Springs the way it is? Stopping building construction? Considering the geographical situation of Alice, ecologically, culturally and ethically we already are taking too much … we don’t need a population of 100,000, especially a population that might come here only for investment and not by love and admiration for the nature and the community.
Hopefully the community of Alice Springs will stand up, react and fight, if needed!

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