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Gallery: A great step backwards

2583 Banks Price Auricht de BrenniThe Anzac Oval issue was set to be resolved in a democratic process put in place unanimously by the nine elected council members. Are the majority councillors now discrediting what they had chosen to be the way of solving the question? ERWIN CHLANDA comments. PHOTO: Four of the nine councillors (from left) Marli Banks (in favour of taking the Anzac Oval “off the table” as a site for the gallery); Jacinta Price, Glen Auricht and Jamie de Brenni (in favour of leaving it “on the table”). FULL STORY »

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated

2584 council 1 SM



Will the council’s Anzac Oval be ceded to the NT Government? KIERAN FINNANE will bring you updates during the evening. Stand by.

UPDATE: A majority of councillors have opposed a clear motion that would have taken the oval off the table. FULL STORY »

Preaching ‘treading carefully’ then sending in the bulldozers

2583 Kilgariff denuded 1 north SM



Kilgariff expansion, the spin: “Natural ground cover is preserved wherever possible and disturbance of land not directly required for development is avoided.” The fact: Dozens of hectares graded barren. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Anzac highschool trashing no surprise

2584 Anzac highschool 3 OK

The government wants to demolish it to make way for the Aboriginal art gallery, but it is still a public asset, and as such deserves protection. COMMENT by ALEX NELSON. FULL STORY »

Town planning farce: Lawler dodges the hard questions

2583 Eva Lawler SM



Opening a park is clearly the extent of the abilities of the NT lands minister Eva Lawler. She is pictured at the microphone. The Development Consent Authority can do what it likes? ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Visitor centre without parking is like a pub with no beer

2583 Onkaparinga 2 SM



Veteran tourism operator in The Centre, Trevor Shiell, says Alice should take a leaf from Onkaparinga’s book and move our visitor centre to the “welcome rock” near the Adelaide turn-off. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Town Council asked Anzac Oval owners who said ‘no’




The question has become, is the council a responsive government, or are they just another government? Hal Duell (pictured) is asking the question. FULL STORY »

Not enough water for Yuendumu to grow

2582 Yuendumu SM



And two drilling campaigns since 2015/16 have failed to find any, says the Power and Water Corporation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »


2583 raindrops SM2583 raindrops 3 SM



The first raindrops (at left) on our rural residential block in 161 days, at 2.35pm today. By ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Student boarding funding restored – for now

2583 Selena Uibo SM


NT restores Supplementary Boarding Fund for two years, allowing St Philip’s College “to continue to offer boarding so that any student in Central Australia, the NT and other rural and remote regions of the country has access to a quality education,” writes Jill Jansons, community relations director of the college, after discussions with Education Minister Selena Uibo (pictured). FULL STORY »