Date:  23 Mar 2010

Subject:  Framptons New Home Broken Promises Group Meeting

From:  Framptons New Home Broken Promises Group (FNHBPG)
Alice Springs, NT

To:  Framptons New Home Vendors David Forest and Andrew Doyle
1/78 Hartley Street
Alice Springs, NT 0870, Australia

1.    First Meeting: 
We held the first meeting of the Framptons New Home Broken Promises Group (FNHBPG) Saturday, 20 March 2010 at 3 pm.  The meeting was held at lot 7783 Greatorex Road, Alice Springs.  The purpose of the meeting was to determine the best way forward for the unfinished homes all commenced under the Framptons “New Home and Land Package” banner. 

2.    Framptons Offer to Assist:  In your letter dated 11 Mar 2010, “RE:  CAREY BUILDERS PTY LTD”, you state, “If we can be of assistance … relating the completion of your home, please contact either David Forrest or Andrew Doyle to arrange a convenient time to discuss these matters.”  Our first resolution was to take you up on this offer.  A convenient time is during our next meeting on Saturday 27 Mar 2010 at 3pm at Lot 7783 Greatorex Road.  We’ll be looking forward to meeting with you on Saturday and listen to your plan for moving these “New Homes” to completion.  As your motto says, “We put you first.”  And, this is the reason we all had confidence in moving forward with Framptons and signing up for your New Home packages.  We put our trust in your good name.  In this meeting you’ll have an opportunity to cement that trust by showing us your plan for moving all these projects to completion.  And, we’re excited to hear how you’re going to do this within the parameters of the “New Home” contracts.  In other words, with the builder now in liquidation, some customers have paid say 90% of the contract price, but, preliminary builder estimates suggest only 50-60% of the home is completed.  We’ll be listening very keenly to how you propose to make up this apparent shortfall. 

3.    Group Member Feedback:
  Unfortunately, the feedback from the meeting was uniform.  Uniformly negative.  It appears all meeting attendees are finding the “Framptons New Home” experience extremely stressful; both financially and emotionally.  Some described it “a nightmare.”  An experience that is still on-going with no target closure date.

4.    Broken Promises:  The promises made under the “New Home” banner have not been delivered.  This is very disheartening considering the trust we all associated with the First National Framptons brand name.  Was our trust misplaced?  Do we need to get the word out to everyone about our experiences with Framptons New Homes?  You could easily mitigate this negative fallout by simply delivering on your promises.  Your promises – given in writing – to every New Home customer as follows:-

a.    Promise:
  “It is our intention to make this an exciting and rewarding time and therefore should we be able to assist in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.”
You certainly have delivered on your promise to make it “exciting.”  What about the “rewarding” part?

b.    Promise:
  “The total quote for the new home includes a commission fee to Frampton First National to oversee the entire project from start to finish. 
A commission fee … interesting.  What for?  A question was asked at our meeting: “How many people had a Framptons representative there to oversee their project?”  Not one person raised their hand.  Nobody in the meeting had any oversight support from Framptons.  Why would you tell us you were going to oversee the project and then you don’t oversee the project?  Is that proper business practice?  And, the next question, why were you paid a commission fee for work not performed?  Is that ethical?  Doesn’t that show Frampton putting money before the customer?
Do you need to change your motto from “We put you first” to “We put money first?”
But, you can still make good on this promise as most of the homes are not completed.  Your promise is to oversee the entire project from start to finish.  You at least have the opportunity to make a good finish!

c.    Promise:
  “All communications between the builder and you will go through the Framptons representative …”
Ok by us.  Now deliver on your promise.  Would you communicate to the builder that we want our homes completed within the contract parameters.  That includes contract price and contract deadline.  

d.    Promise:  “Frampton First National will be inspecting the building regularly during construction to ensure quality and accuracy are maintained.”
We could not find a group member who could say you met this promise.    

e.    Promise:  “They (Frampton First National) will also be there at the Progress Inspections with the builder and lender to once again ensure all expectations are met.”
You’re probably wondering how many hands went up when the group was asked the question, “Was Framptons at your progress inspections with the builder and the lender?”  You guessed it, none.  

f.    Promise:  “Frampton First National have provided this service through an obvious need to provide a link between the design process and the builders in the area.  This process will allow a smooth transition from sketch and concept through to design and construction of your new home.”
And, we agree with you, there is a need to provide this link.  Why?  To avoid disasters.  To avoid hiring a “shonky” builder.  To avoid all the potential pitfalls associated with building a new home.  But, instead of providing this service, you’ve guided us down the path to disaster.  And, then when disaster hits, we can’t find you.  These projects are not completed.  You promised to see them through completion.  Keep your promise.
We’ve all paid for your service (your commission).  We expect you to deliver.  So far, you have not delivered.  Group members want to know: “Where’s the smooth transition?”  “When do we get to smooth?” 

g.    Promise:  “We take this opportunity to thank you for selecting Frampton First National to provide this service, and look forward to being on hand when you receive the keys from your nominated builder.”
Group members want to know: “When are you going to provide this service?”  When are we going to receive the keys and the completed home?  It’s not too late.  There are still a lot of houses to be completed.
And group members are amused by the phrase “nominated builder.”  We came to Framptons to seek such advice.  Who is a trustworthy, reputable builder?  Who can we trust to see the project through?  And, you were right there to guide us.  You told us to go with Carey Builders.  Your reasons as follows:
1.    No other builders will quote.
2.    All the other builders are too busy.
3.    He’s been building homes for years.  He’s got a builders license and he’s registered with Housing Institute Australia (HIA).  No worries.
4.    Local builders are too expensive.
Most of the group members agree; Framptons selected the builder.  We just agreed to it based on our trust of your business.  Again, we ask, “Was our trust misplaced?” 
5.    Way Forward:  We’re looking forward to meeting with you on Saturday to hear your plans for getting these building projects completed.  This is your opportunity to make good.  To do the right thing.  To do what you promised.  To do what you got paid to do.  To show us and the wider community that your slogan is not just a meaningless sound bite.  When you say “We put you first” you mean it. 

Very seriously concerned FNHBPG members,

Name                                                Framptons New Home Address
Dave & Marieta Ives                         Zeil Street
Judy and Tony Kruske                      Jennerae Drive
Amanda and Trent Abbott                Albrecht Drive
Priti Easo and Biji Samuel                Jennerae Drive
John and Blythe Stafford                  Corkwood Place
Murray and Brigeda Stewart            Jennerae Drive
Rebecca and Rick Duncum              Corkwood Place
Danny and Sarah Dick                     Jennerae Drive
(names withheld)                              Jennerae Drive
(names withheld)                              Wedelia Place
Alan Fisher and Denise Saunton      Albrecht Drive

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