I tend to agree with you Russell (I know, you …

Comment on LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work by Ray.

I tend to agree with you Russell (I know, you may be surprised with that opening statement), that the alcohol problems across the country are getting ridiculous.
Unfortunately it is usually accompanied by violence as well. Raising the age to obtain takeaway to 21 may be worthwhile, nationally as well as some other initiatives.
I myself enjoyed clubbing until 4am in my early 20’s, but things have changed, as back in those days there was the occasional blue, but nothing like the random assaults that are occurring all the time now, especially in capital cities and larger regional centers).
The main thrust of the argument however was the BDR not working. It was quite obvious that the amount of break and enters into licenced venues dramatically increased during the BDR’s time, because people could not get their fix, and the drunks still managed to get grog.
I personally spoke to a senior ranked police officer one night here in Alice Springs and said to her that she must be frustrated with the BDR being removed, and her words were that it simply made no difference and was a waste of time. This was a full six months after its removal. This was an Officer on the front line, not relying on stats, but simply her experience, “on the beat”.

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LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work
Ian and Hal, The fact that I choose not to leave my last name does not mean what I have said is not true. The simple fact is that a I was talking to a sergeant of the NT police in Alice Springs. It was a very busy night and she was saying how busy it was. I made a comment to her in this context, that the police must be frustrated that the BDR had been removed, and she said it never worked.
Talk to an ER nurse all you want, I’m simply adding to this conversation with what I heard on the street. Once again, a person with plenty of experience over many years. Take it or leave it. If I was to sign Ray Smith, would it be any more credible?
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Big role for tiny Boulia in Outback Way project
Great article Erwin. We did that drive at Christmas last year, bloody hot but such a different way of getting back to QLD for the rellie run.
The road out to Harts Range is a wonderful road, but due to the outback heat and trucks, the run into Boulia where the dirt ended was like a roller coaster.
Fix that section and it will be much better.
The little stops along the way add to the charm. We are lucky to have done both sections, to QLD and also to WA, with Docker River being the worst of that section.
Looking forward to doing the completed journey one day, if we haven’t been driven out by the current conditions in town by then.

Claire Hockridge found dead
@ Surprised: That is not a prison uniform she is wearing.

Damien Ryan’s youth curfew dilemma
@ Alex: I respect your view and experience as a historian. You make the claim of rose coloured glasses but when I mentioned to people who have been here longer than my 25 years, that it is not any worse, they literally laughed as the spluttered out the words “bullshit”.
My wife has been a teacher here with over 30 years experience, mainly teaching grade 1, 2 and 3, and these are what could be described as kids sufferer trauma.
I am not doubting the quotes you have compiled, I actually gave up about half way through.
Maybe you are right and it is not getting worse. The problem is, it is not getting better.
People’s property is getting stolen every day, look at the increase in property offences since the BDR came in, look at the many posts about people who are reporting break ins, attempted break ins theft of property etc,
This is real time current reporting, not dependent on what the editor of those publications wanted to publish (no slight on the ASN, or inference they are not reporting accurately) and you also have to consider that the stats are skewed because as many people say, it is just not worth the hassle, because nothing happens, because they are only kids.
You rebuke my argument with the quip “so you say”, but my point about the town dying still holds true.
In my younger days you could start your night at the Todd Tavern, wander across the road to the Stuart arms, then onto Scotties, on to Melankas, Memo and then the SGB and the Casino. The town was alive and even midweek looked like a weekend compared to similar sized towns.
There are many factors at play too, but restaurants can only pay for so many smashed windows and thefts before they close down, and when the options for going out for a nice meal become limited, or the chance of your car getting smashed up are high, it simply becomes not worth the risk.
All of this combined with the perception of it getting worse is not good for our town, many people I have talked to have been here a long time and they are also saying they are actively looking at getting out.
Remember that even a perception can be a powerful tool, just ask the ICAC commissioner.
Once again I have a lot of respect for your knowledge and love for the town, so don’t want to get into a fight with you, but again, the fact that it is not getting better may be more significant than the argument over “is it getting worse”?

Kids ‘jumped, bashed’ numerous people: reports.
Clair: It has got absolutely nothing to do with council. Youth issues, like law issues, are for the Territory government, who control youth and families, the corresponding acts, and management of the police and courts.
I am glad that the council has not become involved, they know their limits and regardless of what they say, it will not change anything.
Unfortunately John suggests the only thing that actually ever has worked, but we are so soft now that will never happen again.
We either back the things that do work, or criticise the things that are in place and do not work.

Claire Hockridge found dead
We did used to use them, I believe that they were used to look for Falconio, and Tracker Tilmouth was known for his skills, I sure there were others.
Why the drop off and reluctance to use them in this case? If they had been used with success before, who, or which agency made the decision to stop using them?
The deeper questions are not simply why weren’t they used, rather were any available to be used if needed, is there a database of trackers available to use, what protocols are in place for their skills to be used, before modern practices commence, contaminating the scene before they are brought in.
If there was another missing tourist, would the police and NTES have access to the list of current trackers willing to assist?

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