I tend to agree with you Russell (I know, you …

Comment on LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work by Ray.

I tend to agree with you Russell (I know, you may be surprised with that opening statement), that the alcohol problems across the country are getting ridiculous.
Unfortunately it is usually accompanied by violence as well. Raising the age to obtain takeaway to 21 may be worthwhile, nationally as well as some other initiatives.
I myself enjoyed clubbing until 4am in my early 20’s, but things have changed, as back in those days there was the occasional blue, but nothing like the random assaults that are occurring all the time now, especially in capital cities and larger regional centers).
The main thrust of the argument however was the BDR not working. It was quite obvious that the amount of break and enters into licenced venues dramatically increased during the BDR’s time, because people could not get their fix, and the drunks still managed to get grog.
I personally spoke to a senior ranked police officer one night here in Alice Springs and said to her that she must be frustrated with the BDR being removed, and her words were that it simply made no difference and was a waste of time. This was a full six months after its removal. This was an Officer on the front line, not relying on stats, but simply her experience, “on the beat”.

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LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work
Ian and Hal, The fact that I choose not to leave my last name does not mean what I have said is not true. The simple fact is that a I was talking to a sergeant of the NT police in Alice Springs. It was a very busy night and she was saying how busy it was. I made a comment to her in this context, that the police must be frustrated that the BDR had been removed, and she said it never worked.
Talk to an ER nurse all you want, I’m simply adding to this conversation with what I heard on the street. Once again, a person with plenty of experience over many years. Take it or leave it. If I was to sign Ray Smith, would it be any more credible?
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Recent Comments by Ray

Cops at bottle shops: expensive bluff?
Good to see some stats from Vicki, the correlation cannot be just coincidence.
As far as profiling goes, excellent.
There already is profiling for jobs in the form of special measure, and as police have said to me personally, if I know the bloke trying to purchase a bottle of Jacks is going to and his wife to hospital, he will do it.
Nice to see coppers who are not afraid to apply common sense.
I bought a carton the other night and was asked for ID, so to say it does not happen is erroneous. Once again, the PALI scheme is working according to the stats.

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
John Argent: Your arguments have more holes that the rabbit proof fence itself.
If you are quoting that movie as a source of facts you may want to pick a better example.
If you google “holes in the rabbit proof fence” you will find plenty of info on it.
Even the person it is supposed to be about has said: “That’s not my story.”
It’s a bit like saying Jack and Rose were real people and using the movie Titanic to base your story.
As far as the White Australia policy goes, you use that as justification for the Aborigines finding the others in the bush.
You fail to understand the white Australia Policy had absolutely nothing to do with Aboriginal people. It was to do with immigration, pure and simple.
And as far as calling somebody a coconut, it is a racial slur, no matter who uses it.
If you you use it yourself then congratulations, you Sir are a racist, as racism goes both ways and being Aboriginal, African, Asian or any other colour does not give you an exemption.

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
Unfortunately, Darwin Observer, you are correct in the way it is supposed to work, and in this case would be the Crown (Commonwealth or State) and regulated by either Comcare or Worksafe that is the regulator and responsible for enforcing the NUL WHS Act.
Unfortunately an Aboriginal worker on CDEP had a serious accident with an angle grinder, which he should have had training and instruction in using, yet he was unable to claim compensation as he was not a worker as defined by the Return to Work Act, and neither worksafe nor Comcare have said they are able to prosecute (or don’t want to) due to the way it is structured.
This should be one of the first things they should nut out as part of any planned changes to CDP or CDEP.

Whenever you need a cop … there are three
Culturally respectful? Seriously. Telling a criminal they should stop bashing a person that won’t hurt their feelings, in language.
We are losing the war on sanity very quickly.

Rock, Alice: Widening the gap
Maybe a vision like making of of the world’s great train journeys even better by dealing with the owners of the Ghan railway and building a track to The Rock, make the Alice the centre again, and offer a four or five hour service to The Rock.
The line could be expanded in future to be a cross continental journey to Perth following the Outback Way through The Centre.
Fewer trucks means less road maintenance, and maybe more passengers across all services could reduce the costs.
Even a historic train such as the Old Ghan or a replica to do the trip.
With a car carrying ability, it could transform the self drive market and increase visitation to both places.
Would love an express service to Darwin where you could unload and drive your own car, rather than expensive airfares then hiring a car.

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