RED ALERT: Pine Gap stealth dinner is on tonight!

2465 convention centre, cop car OK




The Convention Centre is in lock-down, a large number of armed uniform and plain clothes police are inside and a drone was in the air a short while ago: The party to celebrate 50 years of the US spy base is now only hours away.


Is there a split in the Coalition over top secret event from which media are banned?


NT Senator Nigel Scullion intervened (onja, Nigel!) following a request from the Alice Springs News Online to allow media (not just us) into the apparent gala dinner, described as a galah dinner by a correspondent of the News.


But the Defence Minister held the line: “No” was the Senator’s answer, notwithstanding that she’s sitting on the same side of the Senate as Senator Scullion.


Clearly Senator Payne is taking the concept of “joint” defence base to unprecedented heights by falling into line with President Donald Trump’s absurd media policy.


The NT’s Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy did not respond to the plea from the not-so-free press. True story – not fake news.




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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Paul
    Posted July 31, 2017 at 8:11 am

    What don’t people understand? We need Pine Gap more than ever!
    The Australian government should be putting at least 1 billion dollars into this base every year.
    If we don’t have this base here, it will make us and the whole world more unsafe.
    I would like to personally thank the Aussies and especially the Americans for all their hard work and dedication into ensuring our freedom. Long live Pine Gap.

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