Last Thursday week Arunta men met on the banks of …

Comment on Now $90m earmarked for Aboriginal gallery by Arunta Man.

Last Thursday week Arunta men met on the banks of the Todd down from the Anzac Oval.
A plan was presented and it was completely different from the one I saw in the papers which showed the oval would be part of the building complex.
This plan showed the oval will not be touched at all. The grandstands are to be removed. It was agreed steel a fence would be built around the whole complex.
The meeting was nearly over when it was suggested that the Cultural Centre be built on the same block.
According to a pamphlet from Gunner, do they need 40,000 square metres for the one building and that will take all the school area plus more? So how big a building is this Culture Centre going to be?

Recent Comments by Arunta Man

Shooting, not selling feral camels
Surprised: Why should not BHP or any other mining company pay for the culling of these animals?
Example: We were told by a Central Land Council lawyer to whom I gave [as an example] an amount of forty million dollars.
Who benefits from the money? Her statement: 50% mining, government 40% and land councils 4%.
I then asked what do us blackfellas get? 1% of the land council. She was sent on walkabout, just for her honesty.
On land councils they do not want to see an Aboriginal go ahead in making a life for themselves in any business scheme.
They dictate to our uneducated people and as soon as an educated man or woman enters the scene he or she becomes a danger to them.
Camels: A local butcher many years ago wanted a mobile abattoir employing local Aborigines to slaughter and sell to overseas and Australian buyers.
This leaves the land councils out and they stopped employment for Aboriginal people earning honest money.
Stay on the dole where you [belong].
The only time land councils deal with the wrong people is when they want the wrong information.

Transport Hall: No details of the cost for appointed manager
These two women ministers want to spend $50m [on an art gallery]. Put the money towards something that has put Alice on the map. All about history. Too many art shops on Todd Street and ripping the Aboriginals off. Question, Dale: Who will be looking after the profits?

Street kids: What cops can do
Going back 30 odd years we ran Aranda House.
Let me tell you it has not changed one little bit.40 to 50 kids a night, 24/7.
Feed, shower, clean clothes, off to school in the bus.
Drop them off once we left run away to wander the streets.
Nothing is going to change.
Hang on, maybe the millions spent on resurrecting alcoholics, druggies, ice freaks at CAAPU. These people are too far gone. Bit like the kids but you would have more chance working on a young brain.
Donna Ah Chee, CEO of Aboriginal Congress, maybe you and Yoffa can turn the Memorial Club, a sight for sore eyes, into a 24 hour homeless youth centre.
Don’t you think we have enough medical centres to deal with the unhealthy?
Surely, spend some of the millions from the Aboriginal Benefit Association which I heard on the message sticks you are on the board of.
Yes? No?
A big, big conflict if yes. Be truthful.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
Darwin Observer: I agree. All I am saying the jury [needs to be] 50/50. And they can come from Darwin or Katherine.
A thought? In the NT law system, is there such a thing as a three judge, magistrate system on the bench?
They seem to change everything to suit themselves.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
The trial should be held where the [alleged] murder happened and the jury would have to be 50/50 black and white educated people.
Jack: The only time the Warlpiris came to town was to see the white laws results and these results are a no-no.
The only time they protested was the first day and the next will be on the 19th.
You make out that these people are bad people.
If this case is heard in Darwin the government should pay for fares and accommodation like they do for all the white people judges, police, lawyers, the association [police] with our taxpayers’ money. Let’s be fair.

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