Bangtail Muster: Celebrating the ocean, far away from it

2635 Bangtail 1By ERWIN CHLANDA


Alice Springs kids and adults gave their imagination a free rein yesterday in their interpretation of this year’s Bangtail Muster theme, Ocean.


The annual parade is a celebration of the cattle industry method of counting livestock by cutting tails straight across but not through the bone.


Now it is organised by the Rotary Club of Alice Springs, under the directorship of Eli Melky, to raise funds for charity, and to entertain thousands of people who turned out in brilliant autumn weather.


Union members reminded the crowd of the other meaning of May 1.


UPDATE 12 noon


The parade raised a total of $1475. The prize winners were: Best in parade – Studio B; Arts section – Alchemical Arts; Best Pre School – Braitling; Best Community – Alice Springs Girl Guides.


2635 Bangtail 17


2635 Bangtail 8


2635 Bangtail 6


2635 Bangtail 15


2635 Bangtail 7


2635 Bangtail 4


2635 Bangtail 11


2635 Bangtail 13


2635 Bangtail 3


2635 Bangtail 2




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