The general tone of underlying exasperation in this report by …

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The general tone of underlying exasperation in this report by the Alice Springs News is widely felt. We have constructed a mega-bureaucracy around tourist promotion. There are so many cogs in the gearbox, but the wheel has no traction.
The jargon-speak, high-salaried executives quoted in your article are out of touch. The number of “Britz” type vehicles on the NT roads is considerable and if you combine that with the caravans and off-road trailers, plus the backpacker vans, it’s fairly easy to see that this mobile corps is more interested in a bush experience than hanging around Alice for an event that, as you correctly state, lasts for a maximum of four days.
Tourism promotion should get back to basics. Our past is famous, our present a muddle, our future uncertain.
Some talk about an “Aboriginal Culture Centre” while Indigenous cultures in central Australia are undermined by alcoholism and a laissez faire welfare failing to enforce work ethic.
We have the most incredible bird-life, ant-eaters, echidnas, kangaroos, emus, lizards, reptiles and flora (decorative and edible), much of which has been recorded by our pioneers and artists, but very few opportunities for tourists to access it in the wild.
QANTAS can only operate with numbers, so why don’t we work with them by drawing tourists with the natural assets of fauna, landscape, flora, culture and events, in that order. Along the way, factor in the famous past, co-operative spirit and bush hospitality without focusing on the mistakes or politics.
Compared to Western Queensland, the NT is missing the “Outback” brand big time. No imagination and no “can do” is the defining schtick. No “Waltzing Matilda”, no Songlines, just booze by the bucket load. No floor price, but a seven day a week takeaway sales, no small-picture-operator based-profiling writ large. And the imminent election is sounding the gong for more of the same.

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After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking

Please see below posted @ May 29 and the posts accompanying the Alex Nelson story with the Black Cockatoo pics.

After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking
I’ve answered some of the questions you’ve asked here at two different posts, including the Alex Nelson story a couple of weeks ago.
I know we don’t agree on alcohol reform, but it would be appreciated if you could see your way towards agreeing (or not) on the points I’ve made about tourism, which seem to answer your questions, or is it that nobody really wants any answers, because that’s what it seems like.

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Town still upset with Stuart statue, say researchers
I’ve not come across the term “creative arts therapist” before, but as a writer, it suggests that artists and in this case, the sculptor need therapy in order to heal, not just ourselves, but the culture within which we live.
I’ve heard of cultural amnesia, but not cultural healing, although, perhaps, this is what the Reconciliation movement has been attempting and, I guess, those in the aftermath of war, once the dust clears and what’s left is assayed.
This seems to be a definition of what is meant here.
Ironically, an “appreciation of arid landscape” noted by the analysts, came about because of the Stuart Highway and without the statue which has the “town upset”, this exhibition may not have happened.
In this paradox, difference is celebrated, but given that all difference is equal, some people don’t appear to mind. Perhaps, they have cultural amnesia or some other malaise.

Hermannsburg historic precinct gets cash injection
With thanks to the pioneering Lutheran Missionaries whose venture of faith during the 1880s was a hard slog and is well-recorded.
Their Christian concern for the Arrernte underpins our tourist industry at a time when such religious freedom as allowed their Mission Station to implement employment and educational training programs are not considered significant by a large portion of our population, including the majority of politicians.

Emirates jetliner dumps fuel on Central Australia
I believe the Galaxy is short field take off / landing as opposed to the Airbus / Boeing Emirates type which may make the comparison inequitable.
Just saying and stand correcting, but the Alice is well known as an emergency field for long-haul flights, so weight is an issue. Since the port of departure is some hours north, fuel load could still have been critical.

Outback Way to get more bitumen
There goes the neighbourhood.

NT-SA agreement hardly historic
Paul Keating, in his 1992 Redfern Speech, framed by speechwriter Don Watson, author of the somewhat dryly punitive opus, The Bush, also claimed a historic mandate, announcing success for Reconciliation “within the next decade.”
It’s in the nature of politics to claim credit for doing something, mostly spending tax revenue and living in hope that it won’t run out.
In my opinion, the “historic” issue is just a beat up or a sop.
Pass me another piece of Bicenttennial birthday cake, please.

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