@1 Very well put Alex and a great suggestion, however …

Comment on Council: one third of budget still unspent by Dr Who.

@1 Very well put Alex and a great suggestion, however I wonder if later in the year, the money has been spent/wasted even and the poor suffering ratepayers have to stump up again. I hope not this year. To me having a surplus now indicates no need for a rate increase, “we” have to live within our own means, time the three tiers of government do the same, I won’t hold my breath waiting though. Having said all this negative stuff, I believe some councillors do get what the public are concerned about…

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Scullion announces bonanza for Menzies
How many more studies? Anyone who takes an interest over the years knows the answers, might as well get the $12 million in cash and throw it into the wind from the top of Uluru. Talk about Dumb and Dumber. I’m really starting to not care any more as I get older. Go for it and waste as much as you can to look good, even that’s wearing a bit thin.

Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores
Let’s close Pine Gap and all the other facilities around the world and then wait for the very naughty bad people who would do us harm to do the same. Some mothers do have ’em.

NT cost of living $1700 a week
@ Peter: I can’t think of any state that has reduced car rego, power, water etc when the mining royalties come in.
I have friends in WA and the previous government went on a spending spree, now the state is in a massive debt problem and fees / costs are going up.
The NT I’m guessing would be no different, apart from the fact our water would be at serious risk from fracking.

NT cost of living $1700 a week
Exactly Frank, The majority of people living in the NT are against fracking, it’s just too dangerous to play around with our underground water table, conventional, ok but NO fracking. You cant ever Un pollute the underground water we all rely on! Why don’t the CLP get it?

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
@ James T Smerk: Your short comment makes more sense than all the BS that both sides have sprouted during this stupidity that could have been sorted out if this country had politicians of conviction, on both sides.

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