@1 Very well put Alex and a great suggestion, however …

Comment on Council: one third of budget still unspent by Dr Who.

@1 Very well put Alex and a great suggestion, however I wonder if later in the year, the money has been spent/wasted even and the poor suffering ratepayers have to stump up again. I hope not this year. To me having a surplus now indicates no need for a rate increase, “we” have to live within our own means, time the three tiers of government do the same, I won’t hold my breath waiting though. Having said all this negative stuff, I believe some councillors do get what the public are concerned about…

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Tourist perished: Has Coroner’s recommendation been followed?
No one should go hiking or trekking in this hot time of year without either a sat phone or emergency beacon, and ideally any time of year.
I have both for travel. Perhaps the NT Government could provide a low cost rental program?

1 Territory too fixed on opposition to fracking: Lambley
What, with all there big city rules and regulations? No, Thanks.

OK from environment watchdog for Ammaroo phosphate mine
John Hagan: I was led to believe this was on the edge of the GA Basin. Even if it’s not it’s an obscene amount of water to take every year. It takes 100s or thousands of years for that resource to be replenished.

OK from environment watchdog for Ammaroo phosphate mine
Only when the Great Artesian Basin is depleted and life cannot exist here any more will these greedy fools realise that you cannot eat or drink money.

NT the biggest climate change offender
@ Trevor: A great article. However re Thorium, the current favoured design is a Liquid Floride Thorium Reactor, currently estimated at least 40 to 70 years away.
They are small reactors that would need a contract to build many, 1000s … really not commercially viable.
Having said that I’m not against nuclear power in Australia, in fact I’d vote yes if asked.

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