Maya: It appears some lives are more important than others. …

Comment on ‘Child One’ behind bars: Who could, should have helped? by James T Smerk.

Maya: It appears some lives are more important than others.

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Drowning in bad news stories? Try this.
I think we need to see more Aboriginal enterprises that help Aborigines instead of dwelling on what can’t be changed.
Let’s get started on the future and make sure we change the current situation.
Let’s face it, Government can’t get it right so we need the people to be proactive and show what needs to or can be done.
It will be hard and the Government will need to help where they can, but sitting around complaining isn’t fixing anything, it’s just continuing the broken way. Good on these mob! This is a great idea.

Crime statistics horrendous, says Lambley
Why would he front the media and explain his actions like any other accountable person would. He is above explaining his actions.
And what about the prison half way houses? Why is the government so secretive on this?
Oh, that’s right, just image one popping up next door to you or over the road where your kids walk past to school every day.

The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison
Maybe have an education program for parents to make them aware of their responsibilities and consequences of neglect.

Home owner bonus: New build sector bleak, says CLP
Just more opportunity for greedy property owners and builders to raise their prices taking into account these amounts. Helping no one.
Building a new house cost in excess of 600k with land.
Go anywhere else and just out of a capital city you’ll get the same for 300k.
I think our trades need to take a pay cut and stop expecting to make a fortune in their industries.
Some are getting paid more than doctors!
Most don’t care about giving good service to households [they] just look for big government money. They cry poor because they are only wanting the big money and don’t want to work for the crumbs.

Adelaide’s Indigenous gallery out of the starting blocks
It’s a shame this won’t happen anymore.
[On the one hand] the government may say we can have this gallery which might bring millions into the local economy, put the Alice on the radar of many who might not have normally thought to come here, possibly [be part] future deals on airfares when Qantas takes an interest in being a promoter of the gallery, and local ongoing employment would show signs of the Alice is still a growing town for investment opportunities for interstate people.
OR you can sook about the location and it will never happen and you can sit on your little oval and asbestos building and watch the town burn.
Maybe the outcome might have been different. Good work people who were against it because they thought in some way their memories would be taken from them.

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