Maya: It appears some lives are more important than others. …

Comment on ‘Child One’ behind bars: Who could, should have helped? by James T Smerk.

Maya: It appears some lives are more important than others.

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Lambley gets hype not dollars on gallery
Lambley is spot on. With the reduction of the GST revenue it will be hard to come up with this money without getting the NT into more and more debt.
But hey, just do that and when you get voted out you can carry on about how the budget is blown out.

Thumbs down for dongas depot at Ilparpa
I’m sure my old mate can sell off his block/s and snap up a better one somewhere else that can be zoned for his purposes.

Four councillors walk out of tonight’s Town Council meeting
The town is losing faith in the elected council members.

Realistic Re-Power Alice plan for 100% solar
I know of heaps of people waiting / praying for the Government to reintroduce the solar incentives to make it cheaper to install solar.
Now that the prices have dropped a fair bit the Government should think about bringing it back as with the incentive it makes it a very viable option for most households now.

Prof Gerritsen: We got it wrong from the start
I’m sorry but when I see the term “whitefella” used I get annoyed.
I know you aren’t allowed to have feelings when you’re a white fella but I do and being put in the same bucket as the “whitefellas” that are being talked about annoys me.
Also the fact no one is looking inwards when the two year old was violated annoyes me too! Is it the Territory Families’ fault and not the person doing the crime or others around who would have been well aware of the situation but neglected to care more or do something about it to ensure it wouldn’t happen?
I think the Aboriginal is a culture to be proud of, well at least the many years ago it was, the term pride gets thrown around a lot nowadays but I’m not seeing a lot.

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