If this ever gets off the ground without being sidetracked …

Comment on 24/7 youth centre: bridge between us and them? by Heather Wells.

If this ever gets off the ground without being sidetracked about other issues, may I suggest that when sporting or other events are held in town the kids brought in from other areas are dropped off at this venue first, shown hospitality, taken to the event and then dropped back there at the end.
Give them some bush tucker or other healthy food, show them what can be achieved by caring for others, show them their real culture, history and traditions and show how these can be part of their everyday life whilst also living within another.

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Thank you to this wonderful couple for their Christmas gift that they give to the people of Alice Springs each year.

And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
Why not get the elders at the town camps to take these kids into their care? All of the talk from 12 months ago has resulted in nothing changing.
Make the elders do what they said they would. Over to you Shane, let’s start.

Police use spikes to stop children driving car ‘dangerously’
Perhaps getting the ‘elders’ involved with these teenagers may help.

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Well, has it started?

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
@ Shane: Please explain why you constantly state this is your country. After all you came via a landmass that eventually broke (paraphrasing) and left you stranded.
Please explain your exact proof of respect for country and culture and tradition.
My property has been violated by your people on four occasions, the latest one leaving me without transport to attend my place of employment which helps your people as well as many others in this town.
I am out of pocket to the value of $700 because of your people. I take care visiting your and your fellow people’s lands, but all that seems not to matter when it comes to you respecting others that are not Aboriginal or Koori or Indigenous, whatever you wish to be called.
Please enlighten me as to what your employment entails and whether your work is equal or more important than my paying taxes to assist your peoples for 47 years.
And editor please press charges, you are the 4th person that I know of who has decided not to press charges against Indigenous people who have assaulted them. Don’t let anymore get away with no punishment for their abhorrent actions. If my offender is caught no matter what I \will press charges.

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