What is happening at the buildings near fire and ambo …

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What is happening at the buildings near fire and ambo station previously used as a women’s refuge / hostel?

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Town council grapples with Falconio poster: Author hits out at Mayor Ryan
Beyond reasonable doubt, to me is what a reasonable prudent man faced with the same set of circumstances would believe to be true and correct., BEYOND RESONONABLE DOUBT; Yet how can 12 good men and a Judge get it so wrong, No body, No fire arm, No known motive, only a small amount of contaminated blood on a roadway alleged to be that of a missing British backpacker.
Then an alleged attempted abduction of his female partner, who claims she had her hands restrained behind her back and was pushed into the front passengers seat of the attempted abductors vehicle, to sit on a seat to which the alleged abductors dog sat beside her and yet not have one dog hair on her clothes. – a dog she described as a Blue Healer, yet the alleged attempted abductor owned a Dalmatian.
She then claimed that she climbed between the bucket seats of the alleged abductors Toyota Landcruiser Ute into the canvas sided, covered tray area, before escaping her alleged abductor by exiting the canopy through a solid steel rear panel of the canopy – a Toyota Ute with conversions that has never been proven to have been owned by the alleged abductor, and a vehicle that could never be found with this sort of conversion or been seen by anyone in Australia.
The alleged abductee claims she then hid in the bush for 5 hours before stopping a passing Roadtrain, the driver of which was reported to have been amazed that she was so warm when he found her, and how clean her clothes were, considering her many hours reported hiding under a bit of scrub in the middle of July on the side of the Highway, to scared to come out, and wearing only a light top, shorts and sandals.
She is also the only witness to this case.
Over ten years down the track many Books, TV Reports and even a Movie, and still one son is missing, never proven beyond reasonable doubt as dead or alive, another son is in jail for 28 years for the murder of a British backpacker and the attempted abduction of a British female backpacker; and all the people of the Alice, Australia and Overseas can hear is our Mayor and some of our Councilors making misinformed comments, and looking for someone to blame for making a wrong right.
Peter Falconio must be found Dead or Alive ?
Mal Crowley Alice Springs

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