Had Alice Springs Town Council managed the organisation, guest list …

Comment on Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council by Emma.

Had Alice Springs Town Council managed the organisation, guest list and invitations for this event, instead of CLP Senator Nigel Scullion et al, then we probably wouldn’t be in this predicament, would we?

But they didn’t, and here we are, so Cr Marli Banks is very right to be asking these questions to ensure accountability and transparency in our town council.

I certainly don’t want the precedent to be set for ratepayers to be footing the bill for CLP (or any) candidate endorsement functions.

Recent Comments by Emma

Diversity loses in ballot for Deputy Mayor
Disappointing that Cr Kudrenko’s experience on council and the articulate and intelligent contributions she has made to Council and community discussions – many of which have been noted in the council reports on the Alice Springs News pages – weren’t enough to prove her merit as Deputy Mayor.

Louts hassle shop keepers, customers in Mall
I think the Chief Minister should be taking responsibility for this issue. It’s under his government that youth outreach and after hours services have been de-funded – these were services that were able to reach young people at risk who weren’t engaged by mainstream services.
In 2013, funding was cut from NGO services including Congress and Tangentyere, with the NT government saying that it was because of duplication of services. Then earlier this year, the government announced they were de-funding YSOS – the patrol service that the NGO services were said to be replicating – as well closing the Youth Hub.
It’s a no-win, especially for the young people who are falling through the cracks. It’s one thing to conduct surveillance and find the particular young people involved in these incidents (whose actions I am not condoning), but then what? Where do they get the support and help they need to deal with the issues that are contributing to this behaviour?
I would love the Chief Minister to be straight up with our community about this.

‘Boneless hand varial’ at first Alice skateboarding titles
I popped down to have a look and was really impressed by the support, encouragement and respect that the competitors had for each other.
Skateboarding is an outlet that is physical, technical and creative. Mastering the art requires dedication, loads of practice, fitness, commitment, creative flair and a perfectionist streak. All these qualities were on display on Saturday.
Young James, winner of the 11-and-under category, stole the show with his humble acceptance speech.
Congrats Matty and Alice Springs skateboarders on a successful and inclusive event.

The lowest price should win the tender
“… return the procurement / tendering system to where the lowest price wins, always!”
Even when the lowest price is an interstate / national / international outfit whose staff don’t live in Alice Springs and have no investment beyond doing the work and moving on to the next gig?
Surely there are more aspects to this than just NGOs vs private enterprise and the lowest price as the sole determinant of tenders being awarded?
Just curious, really.

Hunt for teen robbers as another youth service may go
This time last year, Minister Lambley cut funding to Alice Springs NGOs that were delivering after-hours youth outreach services, stating that these were ‘double ups’ to the YSOS service. Now, it seems the CLP are going to cut YSOS and have said that the NGOs can take on these outreach service. Huh?

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