Council didn’t say “BOO”. What about the junket urban raised …

Comment on Gallery: Council did not say boo by Mabel.

Council didn’t say “BOO”. What about the junket urban raised Lhere Atepe sideshow?
They haven’t said boo either. The people who are currently in office should hang their heads in disgrace about their lack of drive and understanding around governance and accountability.
You know who you are!
Why are the doors locked, why is the chairman in trouble, why hasn’t the CEO made an effort to comment on this political junket?
It’s no wonder Warlpiri, Anmatyerre, Pitji pitj, Alyawerre people are playing up as well as the NT Government and the Alice Springs Town Council.
Again the town cries, but the chair, CEO the admin [of Lhere Artepe] sneak around with no face, no name and no country.
That means no identity.

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Can one of these kids ask me for a smoke!

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Well said “Surprised”. Spot on.

Aggravated assault in Alice hospital
Aboriginal people just run away from trouble from the parents to the kids. Monkey see, monkey do!

Three killed in road crash
Breakdown of civil society, it’s happening here now.
You don’t have to make idle threats of raising the temperature two degrees!

Three killed in road crash
This type of behaviour is destroying the goodness in a community and its not right for the people who live here to be restrained by being diplomatic and politically correct anymore.
What is sad is the bad behaviour and lawlessness of people destroying society because of their actions by not complying with rules that the police are here to enforce.

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