For those who think it’s a great thing to have …

Comment on Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’ by David.

For those who think it’s a great thing to have bottle shop cops, then perhaps in recruiting adverts for the NT police it should state: “Join the NT Police Force – Become a Bottle Shop Cop.”
I am sure people aspire to more than being bottle shop cops when they apply to join the NT Police Force although it makes some people feel comfortable to keep police employed that way.
It does not prevent alcohol associated crimes nor the rivers of grog flowing (Children are Sacred Report) as far as I can observe.
Alcohol is at the crux of most violent crimes that results in serious injury or death. I agree with Paul McCue, police are needed to be out there to be dealing with such issues, the way they are trained to do.
But the parliamentarians know what side their bread is buttered, so when influential people talk loudly in their shell like, they simply weaken at the knees.

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Member for Katherine, Sandra Nelson, NT Labor’s one hit wonder. A CLP member will be back next election.

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Local 1: Your last paragraph says it all.
And Fred, Aboriginal people have constantly been subject to all sorts of social experiments and are still subjected to and you want more.
Come up with realistic solutions mate, not racist rubbish all the time.
The Aboriginal voice has been killed off by government policies and what we see is a result of hopelessness felt by Aboriginal people saddled with the rubbish CDP among other things, that causes more hardship than good, enforced by a pompous, out of touch Minister of Indigenous Affairs.

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If any budget cuts should occur, it should be within the top heavy executive positions in government.
There are too many highly paid fat cats on $100,000 to $200,000 and maybe more, positions often offered to interstaters who know bugger all about the NT.
What exactly these highly paid people achieve for the NT is questionable. This is money denied to police, health, education etc, etc.

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You can’t be serious Gavin.
Darwin is where all the trendies, yuppies, beautiful people and politicians live.
It will upset their life style, unlike the rest of the plebs in the NT.
As it is, the long grassers upset these people’s way of life now. Come on!

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@ Fred the Philistine: Too bad, Fred.

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