For those who think it’s a great thing to have …

Comment on Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’ by David.

For those who think it’s a great thing to have bottle shop cops, then perhaps in recruiting adverts for the NT police it should state: “Join the NT Police Force – Become a Bottle Shop Cop.”
I am sure people aspire to more than being bottle shop cops when they apply to join the NT Police Force although it makes some people feel comfortable to keep police employed that way.
It does not prevent alcohol associated crimes nor the rivers of grog flowing (Children are Sacred Report) as far as I can observe.
Alcohol is at the crux of most violent crimes that results in serious injury or death. I agree with Paul McCue, police are needed to be out there to be dealing with such issues, the way they are trained to do.
But the parliamentarians know what side their bread is buttered, so when influential people talk loudly in their shell like, they simply weaken at the knees.

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How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy?
Interesting comments Jakub Baranski. Some years ago I was at a world conference in Canada where I met people who had no idea there were Indigenous people in Australia.
You’re correct about the hypocrisy. Some people believe Aboriginal people need to assimilate without those same people with such beliefs learning about or even understanding anything about Aboriginal peoples or culture that thrived for 60,000 years or more in the this country.
It’s always a one way street that people expect Aboriginal people to simply take up something of 200 years or so and just forget about their own of 60,000 years.
After seven years on Aboriginal communities one would expect to learn and understand the wrongs done to Aboriginal people in the past and present, not deny any wrong doing altogether.
Such are the hypocrisies.

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Reward upon reward for the liquor industry – grog rules.
What a stupid government we have. Minister Nicole Mansion, the real Chief Minister.

Ice Age in Alice
On drugs: Too bad we don’t have laws like Singapore has.

Tony Abbott sent packing on his first Aboriginal envoy trip
Well said Alex Nelson. Only space is that between the ears of people who put their ill conceived ideas on paper.

Major Business Group discloses members, draws fire
One would think Centrecorp would have a moral conscience about building a prison since it’s supposedly a benevolent foundation for the benefit of Aboriginal people, not get into the business of locking them up.
Don’t see much evidence of the Centrecorp benevolent funding happening either.

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